O J Simpson weighs in on Pittsburgh Steelers’ woes-“Kenny Pickett over Trubisky to win any 14-10 games.”

O J Simpson believes the Steelers need to start Kenny Pickett after a bad showing in the 29-17 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

Kenny Pickett, O J Simpsons' Twitter post-IMAGO/USA TODAY Network
Kenny Pickett, O J Simpsons' Twitter post-IMAGO/USA TODAY Network

O J Simpson knows a thing or two about football. Before all the notoriety that followed Simpson was a Hall of Fame football player. Now Simpson is seen giving his opinions on various football matters like the Pittsburgh Steelers’ dreadful loss to the Cleveland Browns.

The Steelers lost 29-17 to the Deshaun Watson-less Cleveland Browns in their week 3 match-up. The Steelers offense didn’t deliver consistently throughout the game and the defense felt the absence of defensive 0layer of the year T.J.Watt. As the Steelers adjust to life without their legendary Quarterback “Big” Ben Roethlisberger, they decided to start veteran Mitch Trubisky to stabilize the offense with rookie Kenny Pickett backing him to learn the ropes of NFL quarterbacking. The 1-2 start has left many demanding for Pickett to be made the starter.

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“Time for a change in Pittsburgh.” O J Simpson makes a case for Kenny Pickett to start

OJ Simpson, Kenny Pickett less Steelers in action against the Browns-IMAGO/ZUMA Wire
O J Simpson, Kenny Pickett less Steelers in action against the Browns-IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

In a video posted on social media O J Simpson spoke about the game between Steelers and Browns specifically the problems faced by Pittsburgh with the caption ‘Time for a change in Pittsburgh’- “The problem is Pittsburgh isn’t going to win any 14-10 football games. They’re gonna have to score points to win, and I just don’t see that happening with Trubisky. Now I gotta admit he wasn’t that bad last night, but that shouldn’t be the criteria. The quarterback should be the guy that inspires you and I saw the body language of those receivers last night, it just wasn’t good.

Simpsons also talked about how he didn’t expect the Steelers to be affected this affected by the loss of T J Watt who is out after tearing his pectoral muscle which he suffered during the week 1 win over the Bengals.

After panning Trubisky, Simpson highlighted the need for Pittsburgh to start Kenny Pickett-“I don’t know what Kenny Pickett is able to do, but I’m willing to bet anybody that he will score more than four touchdowns over the next three games.”

Simpson isn’t the only one making the case for Pickett there around the NFL world including the Steelers fans who have been demanding for Pickett to be given the starting role.

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