“He’s lying for attention”: NFL fans call Odell Beckham Jr. out for claiming he played the back half of the Super Bowl without an ACL

Odell Beckham Jr. claims he played the back half of the last season without an ACL

Odell Beckham Jr.

This season was nothing short of a dream for Odell Beckham Jr. He finally won his first Super Bowl title after a rollercoaster season that began with him in the Cleveland Browns, a team where he just could not hit it off with the quarterback. Eventually, he demanded a trade and the Rams seized the opportunity and got him

Odell had a good regular season and in his first-ever Super Bowl, he was extremely hyped. He started the game off on a high and appeared to be en route to having one hell of a game and was likely to even have a chance at winning the Super Bowl MVP but unfortunately, his ACL gave up. He tore his ACL and could barely even walk let alone run routes. That was the end of it for him

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Odell Beckham Jr. now claims he tore his ACL earlier in the postseason:

Odell Beckham Jr.
OBJ’s recent claims are hard to believe

OBJ made a shocking revelation via his Twitter and claimed that he tore his ACL way before the Super Bowl. So what happened in the Super Bowl? Did he pull a Paul Pierce? Beckham claims on Twitter that “I really played the whole back season without an ACL, and won a Super Bowl.”

So assuming this injury happened during the regular season or early in the postseason, there is another question at play. Did he get injured when he was a member of the Browns or the Rams? It is more likely it happened in Los Angeles as if it happened when he was with the Browns then there is no way he could have passed the exit physical in Cleveland and entry physical in L.A.

Though the examinations do not mean a full-blown MRI unless there is an absolute need for it, if OBJ’s knee was stable enough when he was checked manually, there would not be any reason to check if the ACL had torn or not.

The injury that we saw happen in the game against Cincinnati means his knee lost stability when he played on the artificial turf at SoFi stadium. Things abruptly and painfully went wrong within seconds for him.

He has undergone an ACL repair for the second time and he continues to wait for his next team as he is a free agent as of now. No team has been willing to roll the dice on him as there is a chance that he may need some time off to recover. The Rams and Sean McVay have made it more than clear that they want him at all costs but the market is a volatile one as there are teams that could take a chance on OBJ such as the Bucs. When Tom Brady calls, you answer the call. Apart from that, the Chiefs would also be eyeing OBJ since Hill is now gone, and what if he pulls a Kevin Durant and decides to go to the Cincinnati Bengals. Granted he beat them but at the same time, he also understood that team is something special.

The LA Rams will still be fine without OBJ, we saw that in the Super Bowl, and now that have added Allen Robinson to the squad, there are plenty of options that Stafford can throw to. But OBJ’s claims were extremely bizarre and NFL fans called him out for claiming he played without an ACL which is virtually impossible.


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