“Preparing for the worst case scenario,” Packers offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich cautious of franchise’s fortunes in 2022 after new appointment

Adam Stenavich is very careful ahead of the new season for the Green Bay Packers.

Adam Stenavich

Adam Stenavich has earned a promotion inside the Green Bay Packers setup, after he was appointed as the offensive coordinator for the new season. He has already spent a number of years as the offensive line coach under coach Matt LaFleur.

However, the newly appointed offensive coordinator has had plenty of experience which has taught him to prepare for the worst heading into the new season with the Packers. Therefore, he has already started preparations keeping mind what their strategy will be if either of their front line offensive members suffer injuries.

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Adam Stenavich preparing for the worst as Packers ahead of the 2022 season

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Adam Stenavich

“It’s kind of worst-case scenario, preparing for the worst,” said Adam Stenavich, the newly appointed Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator according to Packersnews.com.

Adam Stenavich said, “(In) 2019 we really didn’t have to dig into depth that much,” said Stenavich of the line. “We pretty much had a starting five that played the entire season. And then 2020 and 2021 is a little bit different story.”

It’s just kind of making sure you’re getting the guys ready for the worst,” Stenavich said. “And you know, once you get the right kind of guys in the room, every single guy prepares to be a starter. And then once their number’s called, it’s not that big of a transition.”

Stenavich further continued, “You kind of start it slow, ‘This is where you were familiar in college,’ or anything like that, where you can just get them going,” Stenavich said. “And then if they show that they can handle more than that, you kind of build that up. So that’s kind of how I’ve always done it, is just introducing in a spot and then assess as you go along if they can handle multiple positions.”

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