Patrick Mahomes is “definitely” interested to represent Team USA in flag football at the 2028 Olympics

Patrick Mahomes wants the opportunity to represent the USA in flag football at the 2028 Olympics.

Patrick Mahomes is “definitely” interested to represent Team USA in flag football at the 2028 Olympics

Patrick Mahomes (via Imago)

The Olympics have never been an event that football fans have looked forward to because the sport has never been represented on the biggest stage of the world. However, now things have taken a turn for the better as for the first time, NFL fans are actually looking forward to the Olympics as this will be the first time that flag football will be introduced as a sporting event.

The 2028 Olympic debut of flag football has multiple NFL superstars already putting their names down to represent Team USA. The latest NFL player to do so is none other than the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes who expressed interest in being a part of the Olympics and playing flag football even though it is slightly different than the football played in the NFL.

Patrick Mahomes was speaking to reporters in Germany ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs matchup against the Miami Dolphins. A reporter asked the quarterback if he would be interested in playing in the Olympics in 2028 and the quarterback had a positive response.

Patrick Mahomes believes he can excel at flag football and help Team USA

Mahomes stated via CBS Sports:

I definitely want to, but I've seen some of those guys play flag football, and they're a little faster than I am. I know there's not, like, linemen blocking for you.

The quarterback acknowledges the fact that flag football has different requirements than your traditional football but he feels that he can handle it and get the job done perfectly.

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes (via Sports Illustrated)

One more thing to note is that Mahomes will no longer be young by that point, he’ll be up there in age, the quarterback addressed that and said:

I'll be 31 or 32 years old. If I can still move around, then I'm gonna get out there and try to throw the football around maybe in L.A. Just don't tell Coach Reid or (Brett) Veach or anybody.

Team USA can easily walk away with the gold medal in flag football as the talent pool to choose from is enormous. While the top players in 2028 may be slightly different than the current rankings, so far apart from Patrick Mahomes, his former teammate Tyreek Hill has also expressed interest in wanting to play for Team USA in the Olympics.

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