Rex Ryan claims no one except Patrick Mahomes can stop Lamar Jackson in the playoffs

Ryan claimed Jackson has vastly improved his throwing ability.

Rex Ryan claims no one except Patrick Mahomes can stop Lamar Jackson in the playoffs

Rex Ryan praised Lamar Jackson (Image via IMAGO)

357 yards and 3 touchdowns against the tricky Detroit Lions was one of Lamar Jackson‘s best-ever performances in the NFL. It reminded everyone why he was voted the Unanimous MVP in 2019. To Rex Ryan, Jackson is like the second coming of legendary quarterback Steve Young. Not only that, he claimed only Patrick Mahomes has the capability of stopping the rampage his on.


In Monday’s segment of ESPN’s First Take, the former NFL head coach turned analyst praised the 26-year-old for taking down the Lions. He saw shades of the great 49ers quarterback with a similar trajectory.

Rex Ryan said:

His [Lamar Jackson] is not the same guy when he was younger in those playoff games. This guy is a much better passer. Not just a great athlete; one of the greatest athletes we have seen in that spot [quarterback]. But also a great passer, which reminds me a little bit of Steve Young.
Rex Ryan on First Take

Jackson has always been someone who knows how to use his talent. As the veteran analyst pointed out, he is a great athlete. The 6-foot-215-pounder knows how to use his body weight and center of gravity to perfection. During the 2019 MVP season, he not only threw for more than 3,000 passing yards but also carried the ball 176 times for more than 1,200 yards. He has completed at least 100 carries every season in the NFL and already has 69 in 2023.


The dual threat that he possesses has always been his moxy. This season, he turned it up a notch, racking up 1600 yards in just seven games. This kind of trajectory will lead him to his best-ever career finish.

Lamar Jackson can win it all this season

The downside of being a great athlete is becoming the target of opposing defenders. Usually, the quarterbacks receive a lot of protection, but when they break away from the chain of command, they are wide open for a tackle. This leads to injuries, which have limited Lamar Jackson in the past two seasons.

Rex Ryan claims no one except Patrick Mahomes can stop Lamar Jackson in the playoffs
Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson (Image via Bleacher Report)

Rex Ryan added:

He wasn't available for two years; he got hurt, and that happened.

In the offseason, Jackson focused on recuperating and enhancing his skills. That is now paying off. The only aspect that alludes to him right now is a great playoff run. He only has 1 win from 4 in the postseason, and judging by the way the results have gone, it will take some stopping.


Rex Ryan concluded:

To me, when he gets in those playoffs, you better be a Patrick Mahomes, or you’re not sending him home.

Jackson’s goal is to do well in the playoffs and take the Ravens back to the Super Bowl, which they haven’t done since 2013. Jackson told

I believe that when you're playing regular-season games, you should be OK. We're winning. I'm alright with winning, but still, it's regular season. It's just one regular-season game.
Lamar Jackson on ESPN

The Lions game was the fourth time Lamar Jackson passed 300 yards in a game and crossed his predecessor Joe Flacco. His next target will be the Arizona Cardinals, who are on a four-game losing streak.

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