“What’s the process”- Rich Risen questions the relevancy of Bill Belichick in today’s world

Find out what Rich Eisen said on Bill Belichick in his latest podcast episode.

Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick
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Bill Belichick has a resume that speaks for itself and cements his legacy as one of the greatest coaches in all of the sports but the man who had made a habit of winning Super Bowls is not as invincible as he once was and that has led to many questioning his actions and decisions. There was a time when even his most unorthodox move would have made the world look like fools when it resulted in a ring.

Those days are in the distant past as Belichick seems to have lost the special touch that made a 6th round pick into one of the greatest Quarterbacks ever to play the game. The latest in a series of unorthodox moves is the Patriots’ offensive coach situation after Josh McDaniels’ departure for the Las Vegas Raiders. Belichick elected to have both Matt Patricia and Joe Judge calling plays on offense during a preseason game in what many guess is a competition for the job. Belichick called it a “process,”.

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“Why turn over the keys to Mac Jones to…two guys who are not Quarterback Whisperers,” Rich Eisen said on Bill Belichick

Matt Patricia Joe Judge
Matt Patricia Joe Judge

Eisen had Patriots Insider Tom Curran on his show and asked him about what was the process that Belichick referred to when recently asked about the Offensive Coach situation. Curran believes that the Patriots are revamping a complicated offence that wasn’t working as well as before and having two guys who don’t have much experience as offensive gurus. He also added that Judge and Patricia might not succeed in the task at hand.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

Eisen wondered that-“….But Bill knows, I mean, I mean this is not his first rodeo by any stretch. He’s gotta at least think that they were able to handle this…….in Bill we trust.” Curran admitted that Belichick is the most accomplished and successful coach in maybe American professional sports but he went on to point out that Belichick’s unconventional decisions haven’t paid off that well since probably 2017.

Eisen also added that although it is a different time many Patriots’ faithful are mystified with Belchick’s decision making especially with Mac Jones and said- “Why would he turn the keys of Mac Jones at such a crucial part of his career to two guys who have not really done that before and are not really quarterback whisperers.”

The question still stands let’s see what’s going on with the Patriots or will Belichick again prove the world wrong.

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