Rob Gronkowski teams up with Patrick Chung to organize charitable pickleball tournament

The pickleball tournament is open to all and fans can register by making a donation.

Rob Gronkowski teams up with Patrick Chung to organize charitable pickleball tournament

Rob Gronkowski (Image via Imago)

There are seldom a few players that make the most of their retirement like Rob Gronkowski. The former tight end for the New England Patriots has blended into the media industry well. He is frequently seen on FOX Sports’ NFL Sunday broadcasts and on the Up & Adams Show with Kay Adams on FanDuel. Gronkowski is now trying something different by playing another sport.

Rob Gronkowski is taking up pickleball. He is teaming up with former New England Patriots teammate Patrick Chung to organize a charitable competition wherein they will take on other opponents including celebrities that voluntarily sign up to play pickleball against them. Rob Ninkovich and Dan O’Brien are responsible for organizing the tournament.

The event is scheduled to be conducted on the 9th of April in South Boston from 6-9 PM and is called the Pickleball Party. Besides playing pickleball against the duo, fans can enjoy a variety of drinks and dishes. They can also meet their favorite stars and take pictures with them.

The Pickleball Party will help raise money for the Gronk Youth Foundation, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and the Jimmy Fund.

Rob Gronkowski is just one of few NFL players with an interest in the sport of pickleball

Pickleball’s popularity has shot up in the last three years. The MLP or Major League Pickleball has made the game accessible for fans and provided a professional platform for it. Former NFL Players and current stars have invested in pickleball teams.

Rob Gronkowski
Rob Gronkowski (via IMAGO)

Drew Brees, the former QB of the New Orleans Saints is a part owner of the Mad Drops Pickleball Club. In addition to him, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and Larry Fitzgerald have considerable stakes in Pickleball teams.

The sport has grown from being an obscure sport. Pickleball, which is somewhat similar to tennis, requires two to four players. It is a mix of tennis and ping-pong where players are required to continually hit the ball until one side fails to do so. The first team to reach 11 points with a two-point lead is declared the winner. The racket used is unique as it is a bit smaller than the one conventionally used for tennis.

In order to sign up for Rob Gronkowski’s pickleball event, you can register here. One can secure a spot at the event by making a $870 donation.

The tight end was recently named the recipient of the Patriots’ Award and was named the Grand Marshal for 2024’s Boston Marathon. The award is presented to an individual or organization that is patriotic, philanthropic and fosters goodwill and sportsmanship. Gronk was awarded this for his accomplishments with the Patriots and his social contributions.

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