Robert Griffin III advocates ‘coach of the year’ for Sean Payton after Broncos’ 5th consecutive win after 1-5 start

The Broncos are currently on a roll after consecutive victories post 1-5 initial record.

Robert Griffin III advocates ‘coach of the year’ for Sean Payton after Broncos’ 5th consecutive win after 1-5 start

Sean Payton and Robert Griffin III (Via Imago/X)

If the word redemption suits perfectly to a team this season, then that is the Denver Broncos. After a horrendous start to the season, Sean Payton showed what he is capable of doing. He led his team to a grand comeback midway through the season and hopes for the playoffs are hitting the air.

After a sluggish 1-5 record in the first six, the Broncos did something impossible. The Broncos won their next five games, and with consecutive victories, they moved on to 6-5. Now, as things stand, the Broncos can reach the playoffs if they continue with this ‘unimaginable’ win streak.


In this context, former quarterback and present-day analyst Robert Griffin III has hailed Broncos head. The former QB appreciated the veteran and said he deserves to win the Coach of the Year award if the team reaches the playoffs. He also emphasized the fact that no team has ever made it to the playoffs despite going down by 1-5.

If the Denver Broncos make the playoffs, Sean Payton has to be the NFL Coach of the Year. Only 3 teams in NFL History have started 1-5 and made the playoffs.
Robert Griffin III on X

The Denver Broncos are onto an epic comeback. No one thought that they would beat the likes of the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills. Undoubtedly, it was Sean Payton’s magic that helped them in doing so.

The Broncos are finally looking like a settled team

It seems like the Denver Broncos have settled all the problems that they were facing. At the beginning of the season, the team was struggling with multiple internal conflicts. There was a tussle between coach Sean Payton and the quarterback, Russell Wilson. Things went so far that Payton openly criticized Wilson for late calling. He, in fact, suggested the QB wear a wristband.

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson (via Niners Nation)

With time, things are looking much more settled. The Broncos are not only receiving the best of Payton but also the best service from the senior quarterback as well. He had a clutch moment against the Bills and against the Browns, he had a clean game with one touchdown for 134 yards. Wilson also completed 13 of his 22 passes.

In 11 games, Wilson has been intercepted only four times, while making 20 TDs happen. So far, he has an average completion pass percentage of 68.3.

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