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“No wonder he wanted out”: Seattle Seahawk fans get RIDICULED for booing Russell Wilson during Sue Bird’s tribute video

The Seattle Storm showcased a tribute video for Sue Bird, and former Seahawks QB Russell Wilson made an appearance on it and was booed throughout

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is one of the few athletes in the NFL who can be called as an extremely selfless quarterback and a great team player. Apart from his professional conduct which is admired by General Managers across the entire league, Wilson also actively involves himself in the community as he has donated a lot toward the community of Seattle. Imagine doing all of this and still being criticized for doing what was best for you.

Recently, WNBA player Sue Bird of the Seattle Storm announced that this will be her last season playing basketball, she is a legend as she has played her entire career in the Seattle region, and in the process, she has cemented herself as the winningest player in WNBA history with a total of 324 wins. At what was possibly her final game in Seattle, the team decided to dedicate a tribute video to her featuring not only fans but also prominent athletes from the city. Russell Wilson was also on the tribute video and he had nothing but praise for Bird, however, the fans of Seattle appear to have nothing but anger towards Wilson.

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Russell Wilson leaving is nothing short of a betrayal for Seahawks fans

Russell Wilson is no longer a hero in the city of Seattle

As the tribute video began to play and when Russell Wilson made an appearance, the entire crowd began to boo their former quarterback who has dedicated over half of his career to the team and in the process led them to a Super Bowl victory. You cannot talk about the Seattle Seahawks without mentioning the Russell Wilson era.

This led to a lot of outrage as fans online believed that this was extremely disrespectful on the part of Seahawks fans. For a quarterback who has done so much, Wilson deserves nothing but respect. Take a look at some reactions from enraged fans.

Yes, Geno Smith is the ultimate upgrade over Russell Wilson, who needs a Super Bowl-winning quarterback?

Two words. Boston fanbase.

Wilson deserves a bit more respect considering his contributions not only on the football field but off the field as well.

It’s always a handful that ruin the whole city’s name.

Do not know about the MVP but agree with the rest of the part.

Which of these tweets was your favorite? What are your thoughts on Wilson being booed at Seattle, does he deserve it or not? Let us know!

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