Saquon Barkley first spoke with CJ Stroud and considered joining the Texans before eventually signing with the Eagles

Saquon Barkley signed a three-year contract worth $37.75 million with the Eagles.

Saquon Barkley first spoke with CJ Stroud and considered joining the Texans before eventually signing with the Eagles

CJ Stroud and Saquon Barkley (Via Sky Sports/Imago)

Imagine if Saquon Barkley would have been paired with the quarterback, who not only won the Rookie of the Year award but also ended his team’s playoff drought of four years – CJ Stroud. The opposing teams wouldn’t even have a chance against these two. Though it didn’t happen, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t once a possibility for it. 


Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce hosted Saquon Barkley in their New Heights podcast. The former New York Giants running back revealed his initial interest in joining the Texans during the early negotiation phase. This is what Barkley said: 

Probably the team that had my first interest was Houston. I got to communicate with C.J. and a couple of those boys, but this was before when you could actually put offers on the table and talk to teams, 
Saquon Barkley via New Heights podcast

This might have come as a shock to some people. Initially, Barkley didn’t consider joining the Eagles. However, the decision to join the Eagles will pair him up with Jalen Hurts. After missing out on a prospect such as Barkley, the Texans went ahead and signed the former Cincinnati Bengals star Joe Mixon in a three-year deal. 

The star running back shared he had four different offers. He deemed all of them as good ones, including the Texans. But as the Eagles offered the competitive deal, Barkley joined them without a thought. Moreover, the Eagles have a better chance of seriously contending for the Super Bowl than the Texans at the moment. Hence, it impacted his decision. 


Eagles’ GM under scrutiny for possible pre-free agency contact

Unfortunately, Philly signing the star running back had its complications. It was found that the Eagles’ General Manager, Howie Roseman, contacted Barkley before the free agency. This is against the NFL rules. They are currently being investigated, which may result in losing the running back. 

Saquon Barkley
The former New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley (Via Imago)

The news was revealed by Barkley’s college head coach, James Franklin, earlier this month. Though the franchise has denied contacting the running back, the investigation remains open. Later, Franklin also said his comment was misinterpreted.

Barkley had previously revealed that the biggest reason why he chose Philadelphia was that it was not too far from his college, Penn State. And given that his whole family is from Pennsylvania, he is excited to join them. The NFL officials have yet to reveal any concerning details about the investigation. Only time will tell what will happen if found guilty.

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