WATCH: Sauce Gardner, one of the best CBs in NFL, gets absolutely cooked by IShowSpeed before the Super Bowl

Cristiano Ronaldo's No. 1 fan, Speed, got the better of Sauce.

WATCH: Sauce Gardner, one of the best CBs in NFL, gets absolutely cooked by IShowSpeed before the Super Bowl

IShowSpeed bamboozled New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner in Vegas before Super Bowl LVIII (Screengrab YouTube)

Sauce Gardner is one of the fastest cornerbacks around. He has a Madden 24 rating of 96 with 94 acceleration and 92 speed. But even he was no match when it came to covering IShowSpeed.


On Saturday night, the New York Jets Pro Bowl corner was attending UFC President Dana White‘s Power Slap event in Las Vegas on the eve of Super Bowl LVIII. While he won’t be participating in football’s biggest game, Gardner, like many others, took full advantage of the activities surrounding the event.

There, he met up with internet sensation IShowspeed, whose real name is Darren Jason Watkins Jr. He got the opportunity to meet with seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady. After that, Speed challenged Gardner to an old-fashioned back-alley one-on-one dual.

A clip of the fated matchup made its way onto X (formerly Twitter) through the account named @SpeedyUpdates. It showed that Speed faked Gardner a couple of times and then sneak-passed him, sprinting his way to the red zone for a catch. There was a moment of shock on the face of the 2022 Defensive Rookie of the Year, which highlighted the caption brilliantly.

Speed really cooked one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, Sauce Gardner.

Sauce Gardner revealed an interesting story about Aaron Rodgers

Interaction with Speed was a fun way to pass time because, on the professional front, Sauce has to wait until the OTAs to sharpen his CB tool case. The 23-year-old will cross that threshold when the time comes, but before that, he had an interesting incident to share while appearing on PFT Live with Mike Florio and Chris Simms.

WATCH: Sauce Gardner, one of the best CBs in NFL, gets absolutely cooked by IShowSpeed before the Super Bowl
Aaron Rodgers and Sauce Gardner (Image via SI)

Gardner revealed a training ground moment with Aaron Rodgers. The 40-year-old quarterback apparently zipped the ball so hard that it left a burn mark on Gardner’s gloves.

I remember this one play in practice; he threw the ball to the receiver. My hands are there. The ball went through my hands. My gloves had burned, like burn marks on them. It went that fast.

Rodgers’ arm strength and accuracy are consistently cited as the two best attributes in his arsenal. A panel of ESPN experts ranked the veteran QB as having the best accuracy and the fourth-strongest arm in the NFL going into the 2022 season. The only three better were Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, and Justin Herbert.

However, the final campaign with the Green Bay Packers did not go according to plan, as the Detroit Lions ended their chances of playing postseason football. He moved to the New York Jets soon after and going by the numbers he put up in 2022 with the Packers, the Jets fans were excited.


Rodgers’ 3,695 passing yards would have been the 5th most in franchise history. Moreover, his 26 touchdowns were the best by any Jets player since Ryan Fitzpatrick had 31 in 2015.

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