“Appreciate the parenting advice…” ‘Savage’ JJ Watt hits back at critic over son’s viral London outfit

A Twitter 'Karen' tried to teach JJ Watt how to be a responsible parent.

“Appreciate the parenting advice…” ‘Savage’ JJ Watt hits back at critic over son’s viral London outfit

JJ Watt with son Koa (Image via IMAGO)

Why must anyone act like a ‘Karen’ on social media? Perhaps that was the question J.J. Watt was asking himself.

The Houston Texans legend was going about his daily life in London and uploaded three cute pictures of his son Koa on X (formerly Twitter).

JJ Watt was in London minding his own business on Good Friday morning, roaming about amidst the bustling noise of the English capital with his wife, Kealia Ohai, and Koa. He shared a few candid photos in which Koa is wearing a comfortable pea jacket. 

However, among the hoards of fans gushing over how charming the toddler looked, one of them opted that she would rather be the bad egg. An X account named ‘Dee S‘ with the Ukrainian flag and ‘choose love’ as their tag figured the jacket Koa wore was suffocating the toddler.

Instead of dressing him as an infant model, why not put him in COMFORTABLE clothes that fit? We will still think he is cute no matter what he is wearing. 
The user wrote on X

Justin James, or JJ, never shies away from a befitting reply. He made sure that Dee understood the memo.

Cheers Dee, I appreciate the parenting advice. Koa has other jackets, but he runs and grabs this one every single morning when he wants to go on a walk. Want to know what's not comfortable? You think you know when my son is comfortable. 
Watt fired back

Did JJ Watt’s words manage to change Dee’s perspective?

After the three-time Defensive Player of the Year‘s polite reply, one would be led to believe Dee would have backed off. Yet that wasn’t the case. The Keith Olbermann fan wasn’t done giving parental advice.

"Appreciate the parenting advice…" 'Savage' JJ Watt hits back at critic over son's viral London outfit
JJ Watt (Image via IMAGO)
At his age, he is grabbing what he is used to wearing/you ooo'd and aww'd about. Not what is a wise choice. As a parent, you know this. My comment was about his comfort. Full stop. 
Dee replied

Her first comment was uncalled for, but her second reply was shocking. To Watt’s credit, he chose to ignore it on this occasion. But she was told off by others in the comment section.

Watt and his wife, Kealia, had been in a relationship since 2016. Ohai is a former USA Women’s National Soccer Team player. They got engaged in 2019 and married the following year in the Bahamas. The pair welcomed Koa in October 2022.

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