“None of your business!” Salty Sean Payton shuts reporter for questioning why he was shouting at Russell Wilson during the Lions game

Sean Payton was furious on the sidelines after a questionable call negated a Broncos touchdown.

“None of your business!” Salty Sean Payton shuts reporter for questioning why he was shouting at Russell Wilson during the Lions game

Sean Payton with Russell Wilson (Via Imago)

On Saturday, the Denver Broncos, led by their star quarterback Russell Wilson, suffered a brutal loss against the Detroit Lions in their week 15 matchup. In one of the defining moments of the game, a Broncos touchdown was negated due to a questionable off-side penalty.

The Broncos’ head coach, Sean Payton, was furious with the call and seemingly chewed off Wilson for some reason. Later, Payton explained the heated sidelines incident.

During the post-game press conference, Payton was asked about why he furiously screamed on the sidelines. He replied that he was simply upset about the call that negated a touchdown for them.

I was upset about the call. That’s all. Simple.
Payton told reporters

When reporters pressed him about why he specifically yelled at his quarterback, Payton brushed off the question and simply said it’s none of anyone’s business.

Listen, what I talk with Russell about is none of your business.
Payton said

The incident in question happened during the final seconds of the third quarter. During the crucial moment of the game, the Broncos were trailing by 21 points and were facing a crucial 4th down and goal from the Lions’ one-yard line. Wilson handed the ball off to his full-back Michael Burton, who managed to punch it in for a touchdown. That touchdown could’ve cut the lead to 14 points with a quarter left in the game.

However, the touchdown was negated after the refs threw a flag for a questionable off-side penalty on the Broncos. And then, the Broncos had to settle for a field goal and just got 3 points out of that drive.

Russell Wilson does not see an issue with Sean Payton’s reaction

Sean Payton caught a lot of heat on social media for screaming at his quarterback Russell Wilson on the sidelines in their week 15 loss against the Lions. However, Wilson later shrugged off the incident while talking to the reporters.

Russell Wilson Broncos
Russell Wilson (Image via SI)
More than anything else, we’re frustrated we didn’t score there because we were going to make it 28-14. Obviously, they ended up stopping us. That was the disappointing part. … You want a coach that is passionate. You want players that are, too. 
Wilson told reporters

Nonetheless, the Lions managed to put a temporary halt to the Broncos’ impressive run. The Broncos had won 6 of their last 7 games, but the Lions spoiled their party by decimating them on both sides of the ball. Now, the Denver-based football team would look to bounce back from this loss by securing a victory against the New England Patriots next weekend.

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