WATCH: Sean Payton shuts down reporter in ‘ugly’ exchange over Broncos’ embarrassing 70-20 loss against Dolphins

The Broncos suffered a humiliating loss against the Dolphins on Sunday night.

WATCH: Sean Payton shuts down reporter in ‘ugly’ exchange over Broncos’ embarrassing 70-20 loss against Dolphins

Sean Payton at the post-game presser (Images via Henry McKenna/ X)

The Denver Broncos were hoping to turn their franchise back to winning ways after hiring Sean Payton in the 2023 off-season. But the Denver-based football team somehow got worse than the 2022 season. On Sunday, the franchise hit a new low as they suffered a humiliating 70-20 loss against the Miami Dolphins in their week 3 matchup.

Following the game, it seemed like the Broncos’ head coach Sean Payton was in no mood to answer questions in the post-game press conference. During the presser, Payton got visibly annoyed when a reporter was explaining how historic the loss was. “I know you said it’s embarrassing, but this is kind of a historic game,” said the reporter. To which Payton simply replied, “I’m aware,” acknowledging the significance of the loss.


Furthermore, the reporter continued to explain how bad this loss was which seemingly annoyed the veteran head coach. “Third time a team has scored 70 points over 700 yards. . .,” continued the reporter before getting cut by Payton. “What’s the question? What’s the question?,” Payton asked the reporter.

“How do you feel about it being historically embarrassing?,” asked the same reporter. An annoyed Payton replied, “I just finished telling you. Next question.” The video clip of the awkward back and forth between Payton and the reporter went viral on the social media platform X, where it gained over 600k views within a day.

Nonetheless, Payton did acknowledge the loss as embarrassing and said he was at a loss of words because of how bad the defeat was. Mike McDaniel‘s Miami Dolphins put up an offensive masterclass as they scored 70 points against the Broncos’ defense.


In fact, the Dolphins had an opportunity to break the single-game scoring record by kicking a field goal in the final seconds of the fourth quarter, but McDaniel decided to take a knee instead of chasing the record.

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Sean Payton is off to the worst possible start in Denver

The Super Bowl-winning head coach, Sean Payton, was supposed to be the savior of the Denver Broncos in the 2023 season. However, the veteran coach has been to the worst start possible in his new job.

Sean Payton Broncos Dolphins
Sean Payton (Via SI)

Payton and the Broncos have suffered three consecutive losses to start their 2023 NFL season. Furthermore, they got humiliated by the Dolphins on National Television as the Miami-based franchise put up a 70-point performance against the Broncos in week 3.

On the brighter side, the Broncos can’t possibly go any lower. They can, however, regain their lost dignity by securing a victory against the deflated Chicago Bears, who they are scheduled to face this weekend in their week 4 matchup.

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