“This is some bulljive,” Shannon Sharpe BERATES Tom Brady and holds him responsible for OC Byron Leftwich’s ‘brainless’ firing after a ghastly season

The Buccaneers fired Byron Leftwich along with several other coaches on Thursday.

“This is some bulljive,” Shannon Sharpe BERATES Tom Brady and holds him responsible for OC Byron Leftwich’s ‘brainless’ firing after a ghastly season

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Tom Brady and the Buccaneers got humiliated by the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the NFL postseason on Monday Night Football. And with that, Brady’s nightmare season has come to an end. Furthermore, there were several coaches that lost their jobs on account of the ugly season the Bucs had, including the offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich.


The off-season has started for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers earlier than they would’ve hoped for, as they’ve already started cleaning the house by firing a bunch of coaches. In addition to Leftwich’s firing, the Bucs totally fired six assistant coaches, including RB coach Todd McNair, and assistant DL coach Lori Locust. Furthermore, three coaches decided to retire, including quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen.

Byron Leftwich was a hot head coach candidate last season and almost accepted the HC position at the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, he rejected the Jags’ offer at the last moment due to some disputes with the team’s general manager. And now, after less than a year, he has been fired by the Buccaneers. While many people believe that the firings are justifiable, some people believe he has been used as a scapegoat to hide Brady’s failures.

In that trend, Fox Sports analyst and former Denver Broncos tight end Shannon Sharpe harshly criticized Tom Brady for his failures and said Brady’s poor season got Leftwich and others fired.


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Shannon Sharpe berates Tom Brady following the firing of Byron Leftwich

Shannon Sharpe and Tom Brady Buccaneers Byron Leftwich
(Images via Fox Network and The Associated Press)

Speaking on his show UNDISPUTED with Skip Bayless, Sharpe blamed Tom Brady for the firing of the Bucs’ offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich. “So, instead of saying that Tom Brady played bad, Byron Leftwich was fired. The same guy that led you to 3 Division Titles, the same guy that called every single play when you won the Super Bowl, the same guy has now lost his job,” Shannon said about the Leftwich firing.

The 3-time Super Bowl champion also said that it will be always someone else’s fault when Brady fails. “If Tom Brady doesn’t succeed, it’s always got to be someone else’s fault. This is some bulljive,” said Sharpe in his show, UNDISPUTED.

The Buccaneers HC Todd Bowles inherited the previous head coach Bruce Arians’ coaching staff since Bowles took over late in the off-season, but now he will have enough time to put together his coaching staff and hopefully get Brady back for one last dance.


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