Skip Bayless affirms that the Cowboys’ loss to the Cardinals was ‘one off’ due to the loss of Trevon Diggs

The high-flying Cowboys were stopped by the Arizona Cardinals in week 3.

Skip Bayless affirms that the Cowboys’ loss to the Cardinals was ‘one off’ due to the loss of Trevon Diggs

Skip Bayless and Trevon Diggs (Image via Fox Sports)

After two weeks of utter dominance in the NFL 2023-24 season, the Dallas Cowboys tasted their first defeat in the third week against the Arizona Cardinals. The game went to the Cardinals’ way by the margin of 28-16. It was pretty surprising as Dallas put on a defensive masterclass in the past two games. They only gave up 10 points in just two games. In the first game, they did not give away a single point. But this defensive shape collapsed in the game vs. the Cardinals, as they allowed the team to more than 400 yards. The team also scored 28 points. 

That misshaping of defense probably occurred due to the absence of Trevon Diggs – the star cornerback of the Cowboys. The player was subjected to an Achilles injury and probably is going to miss the entire season. 


Among the analysts, Skip Bayless is the one who believes in this theory. Bayless, in one of his recent podcasting episodes, said that the Cowboys missed the cornerback and without him, the defensive shape was dismantled. 

That was an aberration, a one-off and once in a million. They lost Trevon Diggs on Thursday and couldn’t psychologically pick themselves up off the mat. Because they do not have strong leadership qualities in the locker room. Neither Mike McCarthy nor their quarterback who does not play football on the field,” the veteran analyst added. 

The words of Bayless ring a bit true as the Cowboys really suffered on the defensive half as DaRon Bland, the replacement of Trevon Diggs failed to perform. The team needs to find someone better as Diggs is not going to play in the coming games and Bland does not look like a good option. 


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Offense remains a concern for the Cowboys 

In the first two games, the Cowboys won due to their great defensive performance. However, their offense was not too good. Dak Prescott had average performances in both games, however, he failed again on the crucial stage. His performance was much needed in the game vs. the Cardinals, however, he failed to deliver. 

Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott (Image via The Mirror)

In the game against the Cardinals Dak covered 249 yards. He completed 25 of his 40 passes and had a passer rating of 62%. In addition to this, he had one touchdown. 


Nonetheless, the player was brutally criticized as he threw a game-losing interception. Last season he suffered due to interceptions. He had a good start this season, but he failed to keep the momentum. 

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