“I’m out on them, I’m sick of them, I’m tired of them”: Skip Bayless is done rooting for the Dallas Cowboys to have a winning season

In the latest iteration of The Skip Bayless Show, the longtime die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan sits down with his wife and tells her that he is done supporting the team due to them repeatedly disappointing him.

Dallas Cowboys

Skip Bayless is the biggest Dallas Cowboys fan out there. The FOX Sports analyst has been a Cowboy fan since he was 12 years of age. No matter if the team has had a great season or a bad season, he has stuck with them and defended them at every turn. However, the Cowboys have had such a frustrating decade that even the most loyal of fans would end up rethinking their preferences. After all, how many times would you want to be disappointed on a voluntary basis?

Recently, Skip has gotten his own podcast, the Skip Bayless Show where he is a little relaxed and candid. He answers questions that his fans may have about him and this show has helped his supporters get a look at the real Skip Bayless on a personal level. His first guest on the show was none other than his wife, Ernestine Sclafani Bayless. She gives us an in-depth experience of what it is like when the Cowboys games are going on.

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“RUN, run really fast”: Ernestine Sclafani Bayless on what she does when the Dallas Cowboys are playing

Dallas Cowboys
Skip Bayless is out on the Dallas Cowboys making the Super Bowl this year

While reading the questions the fans had for him, Skip was asked what his wife did when the Cowboys were playing a game, she responded within no time, “Run, run really fast, run. I have watched more games than any other woman on this planet short of analysts. When the Cowboys are on, I try to get out of the house and I monitor by watching ESPN’s scores.” When the Cowboys are having a bad game and are losing, the situation gets so bad at times that Ernestine is scared to return to her own house, “Oh no, if the Cowboys are losing, I cannot go home yet and if they do lose the entire game then I try to sneak in without you knowing that I came home and I go in the back bedroom because I don’t want to hear you tell me play by play what happened and how you lost, and that tomorrow you’ve got to go in and eat dirt.

It is hilarious to see that Skip is that passive-aggressive when it comes to America’s team, he takes it more personally than the players and the coaches themselves when they lose games which is insane. Skip tries to give his perspective by adding that he deserves may be some amount of sympathy.

“When they do lose, when I’m at my lowest, give me just a little sympathy,” he says. His wife hilariously replies by telling, “That is the biggest crock going, how many times have I told you that ‘Oh, I’m sorry your team lost, but after a while, it is like ‘Why am I sorry that your team lost?’, I didn’t make them lose but I try to be nice and then what gets to me is when you say, ‘You know you could at least say you are sorry.‘,” Ernestine says.

Well can’t really blame her for that, there is only so much you can do to feel the other person better but when you are married to a Cowboys fan, you should expect disappointments and arguments to arise not because of your mistakes but because America’s team blew it again.

Ernestine urges Skip to “Pick the better team, pick the other team because they seem to STINK. They haven’t been playing well, why do you stick with these teams that aren’t playing well? It’s like it goes around and around and around.” Here is where it gets interesting, Skip tells us something that nobody expected him to.

“Next year I’m out on them, I don’t even care anymore, I’m sick of them, I’m tired of them,” Wow Skip looks like they really got to you. “I’m done with them, you don’t have to worry next year, you can either come and watch them, I don’t care,” he concludes.

Looking at the NFC East, there is no guarantee Dallas will come out of that division this year, let alone make the Super Bowl. However, it is surprising to see Skip back out on America’s team when he has supported it when the team had a roster much worse than the present year.

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