“I would beg him to coach” Skip Bayless fascinated by Deion Sanders’ coaching prowess showering heavy praise for Jackson State HC

Skip Bayless rates Deion Sanders in high regards and showers praises for the Jackson State HC.

Skip Bayless Deion Sanders
Skip Bayless Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders is arguably one of the best coaches currently in college football. The Jackson State HC has great vision and is known to recruit high-quality players.

The Jackson state is currently 10-0 this season and also won the Southwestern Athletic Championship last year all thanks to Sanders. The Jackson State HC has worked wonders for the team and bought in a top recruit from the 2022 class DB Travis Hunter.

Skip Bayless is a highly critical analyst, so it’s very rare to see him praise anyone. However, the NFL analyst was head over heels for Sanders on the recent episode of Undisputed.

Bayless called Sanders a high-quality coach who can fit in any team in the NFL. Skip also stated that he would love to see him coach a team in the NFL.

“If I owned an NFL team right now, I would go beg him to coach it. He would change your life. The realest deal you can find.” Skip Bayless stated on the Undisputed.

Bayless also compared Sanders to Colts’ new HC Jeff Saturday and believes that he is better than the Colts’ HC currently. Sanders is certainly a rare talent and coaches like him don’t come along that often.

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Deion Sanders is speculated to leave Jackson State for another team

Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders is exceptionally talented and every other team in college football recognizes it. Therefore, it is believed that the HC won’t spend much time at Jackson State and will look to change.

Although, Skip Bayless pointed out that Sanders can work wonders for the team he is present at and can even challenge the best teams in college football currently.

The most speculated destination for Sanders is Texas A&M as they are currently struggling with their HC Jimbo Fisher in spite of having the best recruitment season.

“I think there’s going to be a shocker firing in the SEC and I know for a fact that they’re probably gonna go after Deion,” analyst Charles Barkley stated. “I know that for a fact.”

Deion Sanders has a great record and every single team in college football would love to have him. However, the HC is currently content at Jackson State and it’s not confirmed when he’ll leave for better prospects.

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