Despite huge backlash, Skip Bayless remains adamant about Joe Burrow being better than Patrick Mahomes even after Chiefs’ back-to-back Super Bowl titles

Skip Bayless believes Joe Burrow is the only QB capable of stopping the Chiefs from winning three consecutive titles.

Despite huge backlash, Skip Bayless remains adamant about Joe Burrow being better than Patrick Mahomes even after Chiefs’ back-to-back Super Bowl titles

L-R: Patrick Mahomes, Skip Bayless and Joe Burrow (Images via screengrab/Imago)

It seems like Skip Bayless is not a huge Patrick Mahomes fan. Despite the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback achieving big in the league, Bayless remains skeptical about him. He once claimed Joe Burrow is a better quarterback than Mahomes and now he has come back to the same argument once again.


In the latest episode of The Skip Bayless show, the veteran placed the same argument again. The veteran analyst said he truly believes Burrow is a better QB than Mahomes. Furthermore, he also went on to claim that he can prove his theory.

I still believe with all my heart and soul that Joe Burrow is still better than Patrick Mahomes. Maybe just a little better but still better. I can back it up and I can prove it. What I can't defend is Joe Burrow is staying healthy because he has not been healthy as you know. Not consistently. But I definitely can defend what he did at San Francisco against that 49ers defense vs what Patrick Mahomes did against the same 49ers defense in the Super Bowl
Skip Bayless said

This is not the first time Bayless has compared the two and has hyped Burrow over Mahomes. He is still deeply influenced by the performances that Burrow had against Mahomes and the Chiefs. With Burrow on their side, the Bengals beat the Chiefs three times in a row. One of the victories came in the AFC Championship Game. It was one of the only three playoff losses in Mahomes’ career.

Considering these factors, Bayless earlier made a prediction. He forecasted that only a healthy Burrow could stop the dream of the Chiefs completing a 3 peat (three consecutive championships). He had only one concern and that was regarding Burrow’s health. Bayless said that Burrow would need to stay healthy to defeat Mahomes.


Joe Burrow was better than Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl, believes Skip Bayless

In his comparison between the two quarterbacks, Bayless made another weird statement. He considered Burrow a better QB in the Super Bowl. It was really weird since Patrick Mahomes has three Super Bowl rings whereas Joe Burrow has not won a single one. Burrow played only one SB and failed against the Rams.

Bengals QB Joe Burrow expected to be fully fit by May, will get 3 months to prepare for the next season
Joe Burrow before an NFL, American Football Herren, USA game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs on Dec 31, 2023 (Image via IMAGO)

However, analyzing the Super Bowls that Mahomes played, Bayless said that he did not do much. According to Bayless, Mahomes would have lost the first Super Bowl had Jimmy Garoppolo capitalized on the opportunities he got.

In the next Super Bowl, Tom Brady outplayed Mahomes with his abilities. In the next two Super Bowls which Mahomes won, he performed poorly according to Bayless. The Fox Sports analyst emphasized the mistakes the Chiefs QB made and indicated that Burrow is a better QB when it comes to the big stage, even though Mahomes has 3 Super Bowl MVP awards, compared to Burrow’s zero.

Bayless is not the only person to believe that Burrow will be able to beat the Chiefs. Some Bengals players also had a similar thought. However, Burrow knows it would be difficult to win against the Chiefs.


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