WATCH: “Should lose his scholarship” – Social media BLASTS Louisiana Tech LB Brevin Randle for brutally stomping UTEP lineman

Brevin Randle has 40 tackles this season for the Bulldogs.

WATCH: “Should lose his scholarship” – Social media BLASTS Louisiana Tech LB Brevin Randle for brutally stomping UTEP lineman

Brevin Randle stomped on Steven Hubbard's head during the game (via X)

The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs played the UTEP Miners on Thursday. The Bulldogs won the game 24-10. However, the biggest talking point of the game happened during the fourth quarter. Louisiana Tech linebacker, Brevin Randle was seen stepping on the head of Miners offensive lineman Steven Hubbard. After an 11-yard run by the Miners RB Jake McNamara, Randle was seen stepping on the helmet of Hubbard.


Hubbard was lying on the ground following a fumble by McNamara as players piled on the ball to claim possession when Randle stomped on his head. The lineman was seemingly in distress after that as he lay down on the floor after the incident. Surprisingly, Randle’s stomp was missed by the on-field officials as he wasn’t penalized for the incident.

UTEP coach Dana Dimel might have spotted the dirty play by Randle, but the officials ignored his calls for immediate action. Dimel after the game confirmed that one of the officials came to him and admitted that he missed the call on Randle. “The referee, who I really admire, came over at halftime and very gentlemanly said that he missed it,” the coach said. “That’s part of the game. He (the official) was a class act, I really appreciated that.”

Randle will likely face suspension for his actions by the NCAA. However, he is likely to be suspended by his team before the NCAA. A redshirt senior, he has forty tackles this season. He played for Stephen F. Austin for four years before joining the Bulldogs this season.


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Fans slam Brevin Randle for viciously stomping on UTEP lineman’s head

The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs vs. the UTEP Miners game was marred by a dirty play. In the fourth quarter of the game, the Bulldogs’ LB Brevin Randle stomped on UTEP’s lineman Steven Hubbard. The incident was missed by the on-field officials as Randle wasn’t flagged for his dirty play.

Brevin Randle
Brevin Randle (via X)

Fans on social media have shown their disappointment as they blasted Randle for his vicious act. Some fans called for him to ‘lose his scholarship’ while others predicted that this might be the end of his NFL dreams. Here are some of the reactions to the play.

Randle is likely to face a lengthy suspension for the incident. The Bulldogs snapped their two-game losing streak after the win over the Miners. They will play their next game Western Kentucky Hilltoppers football on October 6, most likely without the services of Randle.


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