“Are you SURE he can play in the NFL?”: Stephen A Smith blasts Colin Kaepernick and thinks he is washed as a QB

ESPN analyst Stephen A Smith is advocating for Colin Kaepernick to get a shot at playing in the NFL but he does not think he is talented enough to be even a backup.

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is finally getting an opportunity to play in the NFL once again. The Las Vegas Raiders have called him to try out for the team, however, he was not the only one called for a tryout. There were many others who were involved in the tryouts. It has been a long time since Kaepernick played in the NFL. He played six total seasons for the San Francisco 49ers during which he had a total completion percentage of 59.8, 12,000 yards passing, and 72 touchdowns with 30 interceptions. Though these stats do not scream starting quarterback, they are something that a backup quarterback could have and get a job in any team across the league.

Kaepernick also has experience which makes him better suited for the role of a backup, however, does he still have what it takes to survive the NFL? The situation has changed a lot since he last took the field. It’s been six years, the league has evolved and the talent pool for quarterbacks is now bigger than ever. What Kaepernick did by taking a stand and sticking with it is definitely admirable and something other players should have also supported, however, the league would have lost nothing if a backup QB does not play. If one or more Pro Bowl players took a stance as strict as Colin did, maybe the situation would have turned out differently as star players carry more weight.

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“He was 1-10 as a starter”: Stephen A Smith is annoyed with former NFL players claiming Colin Kaepernick can still ball

Colin Kaepernick
Stephen A believes Colin Kaepernick deserves a shot to try out for a team but he is not good enough to make their active roster

Though this workout with the Raiders is the closest thing to a return for Colin Kaepernick, it is not set in stone that he will land up there. This time it is not because of all the noise that he made but because he is just not good enough. Stephen A Smith is seriously questioning if Colin deserves to be a QB in today’s league. “Are you sure he can be in the NFL? He hasn’t played since 2016, the last time he played, he was 1-10 as a starter, the last three years in the NFL, when he was a QB, he did not have a winning record, he was 8-8 one season, and he was 1-10 the following season,” Stephen A makes his case.

Numbers do not lie, Colin has not had the best record as an NFL player, granted in the season when Chip Kelly was his coach, it was not entirely the QBs fault but when Jim Harbaugh was the coach and the team had a shot to perform well, the quarterback did not fare well at all. This was during his prime.

“I’m looking at NFL players and what I’m wondering about now is, have all of y’all been lying to me? Y’all constantly talk about how tough it is to play in the NFL, how it is the Creme de la Creme, the greatest football league in the world, and you got the best athletes on the planet, and we’re just gonna ACT like this brother can walk on the field after a six-year hiatus and still be that guy?” Stephen A makes a compelling case, he was in his prime when he played below par, if you Google Colin Kaepernick, it does not show you a football player but it classifies him as an activist. The quarterback is different from the activist. He is a great activist, he has given up a lot but that does not mean we discount his numbers and maybe come to terms with the fact that he is just not good enough.

“Colin Kaepernick deserves the chance to have a legitimate tryout and to show what he is capable of, I’m 1000% in support of that, the NFL owners should be ashamed of themselves, and they should be made to pay for the way they treated him as he violated no laws and he violated no NFL bylaws.” Stephen A is not against him getting a chance to try out but the last time when the league organized a workout for him and invited the top scouts from 26 teams across the league just to see Colin Kaepernick tryout, he decided that he wanted to do things his way.

“It amazes me how this brother goes out on a high school field after refusing to show up for an organized NFL-sponsored workout where 26 teams were going to be there to evaluate him and he’s throwing deep balls to WRs who have no corners, no safeties defending against them. Because we see him do that, after six years gone from football, we just gonna sit there and be like, ‘He should be in the NFL.’ “ Stephen A concludes.

Colin deserves a shot to try out for a team but if he does not make it into their 52 man lineup, it wasn’t because of what he did, not because he is an activist or stood up to the league, it will be because he is not good enough in today’s NFL.

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