Stephen A. Smith denies crowning Brock Purdy the best QB in NFC right now despite 49ers’ huge Thanksgiving win over the Seahawks

Stephen A. Smith indicated that Brock Purdy is able to succeed because of the talent around him on the 49ers roster.

Stephen A. Smith denies crowning Brock Purdy the best QB in NFC right now despite 49ers’ huge Thanksgiving win over the Seahawks

Stephen A. Smith and Brock Purdy (via CNBC/Michael Owens)

The San Francisco 49ers have gotten back to their winning ways after a brief three-game losing streak in the middle of the season. The team has managed to win 8 games this season while losing 3 and they are looking like legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Brock Purdy appears to have cemented his legacy as the team’s franchise quarterback for the foreseeable future.

Despite the successful streak of the San Francisco 49ers, ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith is not convinced Brock Purdy is the best quarterback in his conference right now. On First Take, he discussed Purdy’s form during the Niners’ 3-game losing streak.

When they were on that three-game losing streak, we weren't saying that about him. 
Stephen A. Smith on First Take

During that stretch, Mr. Irrelevant was being blamed for the team’s struggles. At that point, his future as the team’s starting QB was in question. Stephen A. argued Purdy hadn’t performed well when he didn’t have weapons like Deebo Samuel and Christian McCaffrey in his Arsenal. He claimed Purdy is the best QB in his conference only when he has a good offense.

When you have your pieces in place, Brock Purdy certainly gets you to make the argument that he looks like the best quarterback in the conference.

Brock Purdy’s performance without Deebo Samuel doesn’t convince Stephen A. Smith

The analyst credited Deebo Samuel, Christian McCaffrey, and Trent Williams for doing their job and executing their roles to perfection. Due to their skill set, it becomes much easier for Brock Purdy to have a mediocre game and still help his team win the game. That has been one of the bigger arguments when it comes to Brock Purdy, it has been easy to overlook his skill set and give all credit to CMac and Deebo Samuel.

Brock Purdy and Stephen A. Smith
Brock Purdy and Stephen A. Smith (via 49ers/ Marca)

The thing with the 49ers roster is, the team does not need Brock Purdy to be a quarterback like a Jalen Hurts or a Patrick Mahomes on a nightly basis. Their roster is designed in such a manner that Mr. Irrelevant is required to do the basic things fundamental to a QB right and it will suffice for the team to win the game.

I cannot ignore how he looked when Deebo was out...I simply cannot say that at this moment of time.
Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith is not convinced on Purdy being the best QB in the NFC and he referred to the time when Deebo Samuel was out with an injury. The analyst concluded by saying that an argument can be made for Purdy as the best QB in this division after the conclusion of this season but not right now.

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