Stephen A. Smith dubs the Dak Prescott era as a FAILURE for the Cowboys

The Cowboys recently acquired the 2021 third overall pick Trey Lance from the 49ers.

Stephen A. Smith dubs the Dak Prescott era as a FAILURE for the Cowboys

Stephen A. Smith (L) and Dak Prescott (R) (Photo credits: Imago)

The Dallas Cowboys recently made a shocking move to acquire Trey Lance from the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for a 2024 4th-round pick. The Cowboys acquiring Lance has many people questioning Dak Prescott‘s future in Dallas. Amidst this, ESPN has already doing segments about Prescott’s era in Dallas.


During a recent episode of the ESPN show First Take, the panel consisting of Stephen A. Smith, Herm Edwards and Ryan Clark debated whether Prescott’s era with the Cowboys should be considered a failure. Stephen A. thinks so.

“It’s a failure. It’s a failure. Let’s call it what it is,” Smith said on First Take Friday morning. “This is America’s Team. This is a team that’s worth 10 billion dollars and what do you have to show for it?”

Smith brought out his pointers and noted how the Cowboys haven’t been even to an NFC Championship game under Prescott. “Not only have they not made a Super Bowl appearance, they haven’t made an NFC championship game appearance.”


The renowned ESPN personality did acknowledge that the Dallas-based football team had some memorable moments with Prescott and had some good regular seasons. However. he still stood on his point that Prescott’s tenure as the Cowboys quarterback has been a failure.

“On several occasions, we’ve looked at the Dallas Cowboys with their roster, we labeled them a Super Bowl contender and they have yet to even get to an NFC Championship game,” said Smith.

Furthermore, Stephen A. Smith also pointed out how Prescott has been terrible in the playoffs with a record of 2 wins and 4 losses. Smith found it amusing that the 7-year veteran QB Prescott has the same number of playoff victories as the 2022 rookie sensation Brock Purdy.

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Stephen A. Smith rips Dak Prescott’s Cowboys era

Dak Prescott Cowboys Buccaneers Stephen A. Smith
Dak Prescott and Stephen A. Smith (Images via AP and ESPN)

During the recent episode of the ESPN show First Take, Stephen A. Smith ripped Dak Prescott‘s era in Dallas following the Cowboys’ move to acquire Trey Lance from the 49ers.

“The brother got his bag, he’s the face of the star, he’s the quarterback for the most prestigious franchise in sports. But the bottom line is Dak Prescott has not come up big,” said Smith. “Hell no it ain’t a success, absolutely not.”

Prescott was drafted by the Cowboys in the 4th round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He has been the starting QB of the Dallas-based football team for the last 7 seasons. Even though the Cowboys have seen some success in the regular season, they still haven’t won anything big under Prescott.

As Smith mentioned, Prescott only has 2 playoff victories in 7 years which is not an ideal stat. Nonetheless, Prescott would have another shot at leading the Cowboys to the Super Bowl in the coming season. Their 2023 campaign is set to start in a few days with a road game against their NFC East division rivals New York Giants.


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