“Should have done better”: Tennessee Titans rookie QB Malik Willis records an underwhelming performance in his debut

Malik Willis
Malik Willis
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The Tennessee Titans made waves across the league by drafting QB Malik Willis in this year’s NFL draft. The team has a solid starter in Ryan Tannehill but they still opted to pick a quarterback as a backup option to Tannehill. Rookie Malik Willis got a taste of the NFL on Thursday night as he started the game for the Titans in their preseason matchup against the Baltimore Ravens. The titans lost 23-10 but all eyes were mostly on Willis and his debut performance.

The rookie fared pretty alright, he had some good throws and showed us that he can run too, but there were times in the game when his flaws were visible to all. He seemed to struggle to process and cope with the speed of play calling and executing it. He spoke to the media following the game and gave a respectable response over some of the mistakes that he made in the game.

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“We’re in the middle of camp”: Malik Willis wants everyone to stop panicking already

Malik Willis
Malik Willis

“I mean, you’ve got a lot to learn from, a lot to look at on film, so I guess it’s really cool to get out there again and play football. I missed some things, and I just made up for it with my legs and continued to rely on that, but that’s what the preseason is for. You see those things against a live defense, one we hadn’t played before,” the rook stated. He believes that he is still figuring things out in the NFL and that once he goes back and sees the film, he’ll know what went right and what went wrong.

Malik Willis is not panicking and he understands that it is all part of the process, his first throw was almost intercepted, and let us not forget that he had to go against Baltimore, one of the best defensive teams in the NFL. Willis took his time to signal the right plays and there were opportunities that he could have capitalized upon but hey, as a rookie, playing in your first game in the NFL, and starting? There are already a lot of nerves involved in that process so it is natural for him to soak it in and then get used to this as time passes.

Accepting his shortcomings, Willis goes on to add “I should have done better, like I said, it’s a learning experience and you have to take it for what it is. It’s preseason, but it’s an opportunity at the same time, so I’m just going to try and continue to work and watch through the film and just keep on going,” he concluded.

Malik Willis ended his first game with 6/11 passes COMP/ATT and passed for 107 yards with no trips to the endzone yet. On the bright side, he did not throw any interceptions and ended with a passer rating of 88.1. He raked up another 38 yards on foot but his arm surely is good. Willis has the potential to become the version of Lamar Jackson who can throw the football and run it, if he does live up to this, he will become a threat in the NFL for sure!

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