Tom Brady issues warning to Jalen Hurts on risky ‘Tush Push’ play with the Eagles

Brady highlighted how the play increases the chance of picking up injuries and how it can be dangerous for the Eagles QB.

Tom Brady issues warning to Jalen Hurts on risky ‘Tush Push’ play with the Eagles

Jalen Hurts and Tom Brady (Image via SI)

Quarterbacks generally follow two ways of playing. Either they protect themselves with a strong defensive line and seek a long-term career by avoiding injuries or they go for sneak plays where they get hit all the time. The second one includes high risks of getting injured and quarterbacks often fall short to have a long-term career.


There is a particular type of sneak play that the Philadelphia Eagles, under the leadership of Jalen Hurts, execute which is known as Tush Push. Hurts is a young player with a good physique. He is one of the most celebrated QBs across the NFL. However, following the way can cause some serious injury and that is what Tom Brady has to say. He gave some friendly suggestions to Hurts about not taking too much risk. 

In one of the episodes of the show ‘Let’s Go Podcast,’ the NFL legend said, “The only thing I worry about in that particular play is they all know what’s coming when you line up in formation and that quarterback is going to take a lot of shots. I don’t know how many times you want your quarterback to take shots.

Brady then warned, “So yeah, it’s effective for a one-yard gain but it might be ineffective someday when someone hits a right shoulder of the quarterback because they know it’s coming.”


Not only that, he also warned the Eagles signal caller about the short-term effects of Tush Push. He said, “So you may have some short-term gain, you may have some long-term pain. So they might have to come up with a tush toss or a tush push or some variation of the tush push to keep people honest because if they keep lining up and your teammate’s your quarterback.”

“And even though Jalen is a pretty strong guy, you’re putting yourself in harm’s way,” Brady said in a clear manner about the risk associated with this play.

The ‘tush-push’ play has been criticized by many in recent times. The Eagles have been the only team this season who have been executing this play successfully. They are playing high-risk-high reward style.

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Jalen Hurts performance this season after week 5

Hurts is continuing his 2022 dream season run. In five games in 2023, the QB covered 1,262 passing yards and had five touchdowns. The interception number for the player stands at four. In five games, the player completed 113 of his 168 attempted passes and is currently having a completion rate of 67.3%. 

Jalen Hurts
Jalen Hurts (Image via Imago)

With the help of Hurts’ gigantic performance, the Eagles are flying high this season. They are still unbeaten as they thrashed their opponents in all five games they played. The team is looking very confident as the Super Bowl contender this season. 

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