WATCH: ‘In love’ Travis Kelce passionately kisses Taylor Swift following Super Bowl win as he gives a fitting reply to all of his girlfriend’s haters

The Kansas City Chiefs have now won consecutive Super Bowl titles.

WATCH: ‘In love’ Travis Kelce passionately kisses Taylor Swift following Super Bowl win as he gives a fitting reply to all of his girlfriend’s haters

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (via Imago)

‘Love is in the Air,’ when the famous pop singer Taylor Swift composed the song, she hardly had any idea that these lines would come true for her in the American Football Turf. After a clutch victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday’s Super Bowl, Swift was seen celebrating with her boyfriend and the tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce.

Kelce hugged his partner and kissed her lips. It was a befitting reply to all those who questioned the chemistry of the two.


During this NFL season, Taylor Swift became a newfound fan of the Kansas City Chiefs after their relationship rumors were doing rounds. She started attending Chiefs game and helped the sport record some great numbers. The NFL saw a brilliant opportunity to utilize the graceful presence of the popstar.

However, not everyone was so welcoming towards the famous pop singer. She was subjected to harsh criticisms and even slurs from the fans and even from politicians. Fake tweets occurred to demean the pop singer. After the AFC Championship game, the pop singer was subjected to harsh slurs like ‘You are ruining football,’ from the fans of the Baltimore Ravens. In reply, Swift said that she did not do anything to the football except be present on the turf.

Above all, there were absurd claims from politicians like Vivek Ramaswamy, who is a close aide of former President Donald Trump. He accused the NFL authority of rigging the season so that Swift could be present in the Super Bowl celebrations.


Taylor Swift graced the Super Bowl with her presence

Amidst doubt due to her busy schedule, Taylor Swift managed to attend the Super Bowl game. Ahead of the game, she spent time with her partner. In the game, she was spotted with Lana Del Rey in the stands. Both seemed tense due to the ambiance of the game.

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Taylor Swift and Blake Lively react during the first quarter of Super Bowl LVIII between Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium. Paradise Allegiant Stadium Nevada USA (Image via IMAGO)

The pop star, however, was subjected to criticism even in this game as well. She was seen chugging a glass of beer after her boyfriend pushed the head coach and used some rough words against the veteran. This attitude of the pop singer triggered some drama on social media.


However, Swift won’t be minding about any controversy now. She celebrated with her partner after the Super Bowl win in her style.

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