“He’s retired now!” Tyreek Hill dismisses Tom Brady’s take on mediocrity seeping into the modern NFL

Tyreek Hill is leading the league in receiving yards and touchdowns this season.

“He’s retired now!” Tyreek Hill dismisses Tom Brady’s take on mediocrity seeping into the modern NFL

Tom Brady (L - via ABC News) and Tyreek Hill (R - via ESPN)

The greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady, recently created a buzz in the football world. Since retiring from the sport earlier this year, Brady has had a chance to sit back and analyze the league. In an interview with ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith on The Stephen A. Smith Show, Brady claimed that the NFL today is filled with ‘mediocrity.’


A lot of Brady’s colleagues and former NFL players agreed with him. Stars like the New York Jets’ QB Aaron Rodgers and former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski were some of them in agreement. However, one current superstar has voiced his disagreement with Brady’s comments. The Miami Dolphins‘ WR Tyreek Hill dismissed the seven-time Super Bowl champion’s comments.

Hill appeared on the ‘It Needed To Be Said’ podcast and disagreed with Brady. Hill said:

I wouldn't exactly say that. I would just say that the game is now like in a space where it's built to protect players. I know he said that, it's built to protect offensive players but truth be told, it's really not. It's built to protect the game and how people look at the game because everything is you know about safety.

He further continued:

People love to see touchdowns, people love to see you the peace sign - even though the NFL will fine you for it - people love to see those kind of things. And plus, he's retired now, so of course he can say that... Talent has surpassed talent from way back in the day. As the technology gets better, the talent gonna get better.

On the field, Hill has been tearing the league up this season. He leads the NFL in receiving yards with 1,324 and 10 touchdowns. He is on pace to have a historic season. The Dolphins are 8-3 mainly because of Hill’s immense production.

Tyreek Hill defends fellow Chiefs receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling after a crucial drop against the Eagles

The Kansas City Chiefs lost their last game against the Philadelphia Eagles at home, 21-17. They had a chance to win the game though, but Chiefs’ WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling dropped a potential game-winning touchdown pass from QB Patrick Mahomes. A barrage of criticism followed the game, but former Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill came to Valdes-Scantling’s defense.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling (L) and Tyreek Hill (R)
Marquez Valdes-Scantling (L – via Sports Illustrated) and Tyreek Hill (R – via Sky Sports)

Hill said on his Cheetah Podcast:

Think about it... you're moving that fast , you got to look up in them lights. It's a hard catch.

He further deemed the catch as “one of the hardest catches.” The Chiefs slipped to 7-3 following their loss against the Eagles.


The Eagles on the other hand improved to league best 9-1 record. The Chiefs’ next game is against the Las Vegas Raiders at the Allegiant Stadium. They will hope to bounce back after a tough week 11 loss.

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