WATCH: Tyreek Hill, dressed up as an old man, challenges random people to race for $100,000 on the streets of Miami

Tyreek Hill's prank streak continues to entertain.

WATCH: Tyreek Hill, dressed up as an old man, challenges random people to race for $100,000 on the streets of Miami

Tyreek Hill (Via Imago/Screengrab X)

The star wide receiver of the Miami Dolphins, Tyreek Hill, loves fun both on and off the gridiron. His attitude reflects that every time. Recently the WR surprised, as well as won the hearts of the pedestrians in Miami with a challenge as a disguised old man.

The WR is notorious for prank videos and he did something similar again. The ‘prank’ began with ‘old man’ Hill going to the Miami streets and asking the pedestrians to compete with him in sprinting for an amount of $100,000. A few of them agreed and ended up losing the race, as expected.

The viral video on X showcased he had two competitors. First, a man between 20-30 was beaten easily by him. Later, he competed with a woman who fell onto her face. Both looked shocked as they were beaten by the ‘old man.’

Tyreek Hill revealed his identity after beating both of the pedestrians. He spoke with the YouTuber and fellow footballer Donald De La Haye, with whom he collaborated for this prank.

This is not the first time the Dolphins WR has astonished the crowd with disguises. Last season, Hill did the same thing in Germany. When the Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins had a face-off in their international schedule in Germany, Hill went undercover to the crowd asking about himself.

In another incident, the Dolphins star player had turned into a mannequin inside a mall and started talking to people. Understandably, the people got scared and reacted awkwardly.

Not all football challenges for Tyreek Hill are going in his favor

While Tyreek Hill‘s activity on the Internet might seem all fun and loads of entertainment, his personal life continues to attract all kinds of legal trouble. Recently he had been accused of intimate partner violence and now the wide receiver was sued for allegedly breaking the leg of Sophie Hall in a football challenge that went wrong.

The plus-size model was invited by Hill to perform a defensive block. While the WR was giving her the training in his backyard, a challenge went wrong and the lady eventually broke her leg. It further transformed into more bad news for Hill as things took a legal turn.

Tyreek Hill
Tyreek Hill (Via Imago)

The WR already received a legal notice. In addition, the lady also questioned the intent of the receiver as she told the press that Hill tried to converse with her in a flirtatious way.

Defendant Hill invited Ms. Hall to participate in offensive drills with him--Defendant Hill told her that 'since her 10-year-old son played offensive lineman, she should practice that position as well. Defendant Hill's aggression towards Ms. Hall is consistent with his history of violent and aggressive behavior towards women. 
the complaint claimed

Since the beginning of his career, Hill has always been subjected to multiple controversies. From violence against a child to beating staff, his career has witnessed all. Last year, Hill even had a tussle with an employee at the Haulover Marina in Miami Beach, Florida.

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