Tyreek Hill reportedly sued for assault by OnlyFans model Sophie Hall for breaking her leg

The OnlyFans model has sued Tyreek Hill on the charges of battery, assault, and negligence.

Tyreek Hill reportedly sued for assault by OnlyFans model Sophie Hall for breaking her leg

Tyreek Hill and Sophie Hall (Via Imago/Instagram)

Miami Dolphins star Tyreek Hill found himself tangled in a legal battle when a woman accused him of assaulting her and breaking her leg. The lawsuit puts the wide receiver in the intense spotlight as the woman is a social media influencer and OnlyFans model, as per the court documents. 

The incident dates back to June 2023, during a backyard football game when Hill allegedly attacked Sophie Hall for embarrassing him during a practice session at his mansion, in Florida, as per the Daily Mail

The plus-sized model and actress was invited to Hill’s mansion last year in June, where she took part in some football drills after the wide receiver’s training session ended in his backyard. She claimed in her lawsuit that the star WR was “angry” and “humiliated” after she pushed him back in those drills, which made him strike back but in a grave manner

The popular Instagram influencer with more than two million followers accused the 29-year-old receiver of rushing at her and throwing her on the ground which resulted in breaking her leg. She had to go through reconstructive surgery and several months of physiotherapy to recover. 

Hall has sued Hill on the charges of battery, assault, and negligence, claiming he “forcefully and purposefully shoved Ms. Hall, severely fracturing her leg” causing her agonizing pain. 

Interestingly, this isn’t the first of any such incidents involving the Dolphins’ star receiver. He may be applauded for his speed and strength on the field, but he has been involved in various off-field controversial incidents. 

Tyreek Hill
Tyreek Hill (Via Imago)

Just recently, he made the headlines for filing for divorce from his wife after a few months of marriage. Hill never thought it would come out to the public, but when it did he retracted the application. 

He was also involved in another assault accusation last offseason, to an employee at a Miami marina when asked to exit a boat. Such legal matters appeared to have brought the dark side of the star receiver, that goes beyond the football field, that reflects his issues with rage and violence.

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