The Watt brothers can be F1 pitstop crew members post-retirement

JJ Watt and TJ Watt get a first-hand experience of what it is like to be a part of an elite F1 pitstop team

Watt Brothers

The Watt brothers are arguably one of the most athletic duos in the league. It is not surprising to see them try out the most physical and arduous activities during the NFL offseason. The defensive end from the Arizona Cardinals and the linebacker from the Pittsburgh Steelers are making the most of their time off by indulging in the festivities before the first-ever Miami GP takes place.

They play one of the more physically challenging positions in the league and are always in shape. The brothers this weekend went on another one of their adventures and attempted to be a part of an elite F1 Pitstop team. This comes as no surprise as both the brothers are adrenaline-seekers who try some scary stuff such as going on the most insane rides at adventure parks, skydiving, and so on.

From the Huddle to the Pit

Watt Brothers
JJ Watt and TJ Watt

JJ Watt and TJ Watt linked up with the Haas F1 Team as part of the Miami GP and experienced firsthand what it was to be like in the Pit and change tires within seconds. The brothers seemed to kill it and do their best, JJ was seen celebrating after picking the front tires off from the car, the entire process took under 30 seconds.

By any means, this is impressive as it is not easy to pick those tires off as easily and as quickly as the Watt brothers did, this is all a testament to their strength. After all the position that they play also requires them to be strong and quick.

It is fun to see JJ Watt and T.J Watt live life during the offseason, a lot of NFL players are indulging themselves in the festivities of the upcoming Miami GP.

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