Weather forecast details hint at huge impacts on playing conditions on the Cowboys-Bills game

Buffalo's weather at this time of year can be quite unpredictable.

Weather forecast details hint at huge impacts on playing conditions on the Cowboys-Bills game

Weather forecast of Bills vs Cowboys game (Via Syracuse/

Standing atop the NFC East with a 10-3 record, the Dallas Cowboys can’t afford to lose a game if they plan to keep reclaiming the divisional conference title. And as week 15 approached, it turned quite interesting for the NFL fans to see the Cowboys up against the Buffalo Bills at 7-6.


If the Cowboys succeed in scoring a victory by beating Josh Allen and the Bills, they would increase their odds of claiming the No. 1 NFC seed along with improved chances of acquiring a playoff spot. But interestingly, there’s a new element added to this matchup: the weather forecast, which suggests the likely possibility of rain showers.

According to Patrik Walker of the Dallas Cowboys official website, the Highmark Stadium, where the Bills are hosting the Cowboys, may expect a high of almost 45 degrees with a 90% chance of precipitation, which suggests rain showers and high gust winds of up to 15 miles per hour. Buffalo’s Sunday weather forecast could have a huge impact on the game’s conclusion.

It suggests rain throughout the game in a sporadic pattern; however, the weather in Buffalo at this time of year can be quite unpredictable. Just like last season in week 15, the stadium was covered in nearly 10 inches of snow after a vicious snowstorm in Buffalo when the Bills were up against the Miami Dolphins.


And if that happens, it might become tough for Dak Prescott and the Cowboys to maintain their stellar performance and passing momentum due to the adverse weather conditions. Unlike them, quarterback Allen and the Bills are known to demonstrate a likely triumph under harsh weather, as they did a few weeks ago against the Eagles. Therefore, it might turn into a tough challenge for the Cowboys.

How can this potentially harsh weather impact the Bills and Cowboys?

The harsh weather conditions of Buffalo come along as harsh tests for both teams to prove whether or not they have what it takes to lead to victory and display their resilience and adaptability.

As many believe, the possibility of adverse weather tends to take football to a whole new level and bring out the true spirit of a team.

Bills vs Cowboys
Bills vs Cowboys (Via AZCentral)

Moreover, with this potential weather challenge, there’s a possibility that the running backs of both teams can play a crucial role in taking the team to victory. It might be a bit tough for quarterback Prescott to adjust in terms of throwing in the high gust wind as well as in general because of the slippery turf.


Nonetheless, as the weather forecast suggests, there’s nothing to turn down the enthusiasm of the fans and players for this thrilling matchup.

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