“I was busy eating wings & winning games”: When Josh Allen hilariously trolled Joe Burrow after nailing the Bitcoin quarterback challenge

The time when Josh Allen trolled Joe Burrow in some style

Josh Allen and Joe Burrow
Josh Allen and Joe Burrow

Josh Allen is one of the biggest stars in the world of the NFL. Let us put it this way, if anyone prepares a list of talented quarterbacks who will rule the game in time to come, Allen will definitely make the top 3. Although the Bills couldn’t make their way to the Super Bowl last season, they did perform consistently well during the league stage.

Even in the divisional round playoff game against the Chiefs, the Bills were looking all set to seal the deal, until Patrick Mahomes worked his magic in the final 13 seconds of the contest which ultimately turned things around. Nevertheless, it tuned out to be a successful season for the Bills and a lot of credit has to go to Josh Allen.

“Did Burrow wear his suit?”: When Josh Allen trolled Bengals QB Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow

As it turns out, Josh is pretty good with his communication skills as well. Back in December last year, Allen took up the Bitcoin Quarterback Challenge and absolutely nailed it. Moreover, in the video where he was seen throwing the ball over 70 yards, Allen hilariously trolled Bengals star QB, Joe Burrow.

Allen looked well suited up at the beginning of the video, however, as soon as he got up, we got to see him wearing shorts. “You probably heard I couldn’t take up the Bitcoin quarterback challenge with QBs like Trey Lance, Joe Burrow, and Bryce Young who competed to win a bitcoin for their favorite charities,” Burrow had said in the video.

I was too busy winning games and eating wings, you know, Buffalo stuff,” he stated and went on to add that he doesn’t need to post stuff on social media to prove his self-worth. Immediately after that, Allen picked up a football and launched it high hitting the 70-yard mark.

Did Burrow wear a suit? Didn’t think so,” he further added.

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