Zach Wilson may land up at either 49ers or Rams following his probable exit from the Jets

The Jets have decided to move on from their former second-overall pick.

Zach Wilson may land up at either 49ers or Rams following his probable exit from the Jets

Zach Wilson (via IMAGO)

The New York Jets have already given the green signal for the trade of their backup quarterback Zach Wilson. After last year’s poor performance, the Jets made it clear that they would not let Wilson continue with the team. With the veteran Aaron Rodgers coming back from his injuries, Wilson has been put on the trade market.


The question that came after the decision was simple. Where would the ‘accidental’ quarterback land? There were speculations that the quarterback would join the Denver Broncos. However, that does not seem to be happening as the trade talks have declined.

According to The Athletic’s Zac Rosenblatt, the reason behind the decline of the deal was simple. The Broncos are searching for a young quarterback as they continue looking for a potential replacement for Russell Wilson. But, Wilson is not one on their radar.

The Broncos might pursue a young quarterback, either in the draft, or trade (like a Sam Howell or Justin Fields), but the impression I got at the combine is Wilson won’t be on their list of targets.
Zac Rosenblatt wrote in his article

And now, the question persists. Where will Wilson land ahead of the 2024 NFL season? Two teams are being linked with Wilson a lot. As per ESPN journalist Jeremy Fowler, the quarterback can land with either the San Francisco 49ers or the Los Angeles Rams.

The Rams and 49ers are among intriguing options for quarterback Zach Wilson, who has permission to seek a trade from the Jets. Wilson is looking for a skilled offensive head coach and a place to revive his career. Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan both need backup QB help at the moment.
Jeremy Fowler wrote

As per sources, both teams are looking to strengthen their backup options and hence can go for Zach Wilson. The Niners had done a great job last season by reaching the Super Bowl. The team will try to win the Ring next year. They might try to add Wilson as their backup QB according to reports.

Zach Wilson is expected to be backup QB even if he gets on a team

Zach Wilson is expected to remain a backup quarterback even if he gets on a roster. As things stand right now, he is just likely to backup Matthew Stafford or Brock Purdy even if he gets signed by either the Niners or the Rams.

zach Wilson
Jets QB Zach Wilson (Via Imago)

Wilson, in his three years, played 34 games for the Jets. He completed only 57% of his total passing attempts. In addition, he registered 6,293 passing yards, 23 passing TDs, and 25 interceptions.

Last season, he completed nearly 2,300 yards of passing with a 60.1% passing completion rate. The QB had three fourth-quarter comebacks with two game-winning drives during the 2023 regular season.


It is to be seen whether the quarterback gets signed by either of the two teams. Even if he gets signed by them, it’s unlikely he can become a full-time starter in the league again.

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