NFL Referee Salary: How Much An NFL Referee Earns?

What is an NFL referee salary? Who got the highest salary in the year 2020? Read more to know all!

nfl referee salary

NFL Referee Salary: NFL Referees, like any other league, play an important part in the whole league. Their work is not only to check the scores but also to manage everything going on the field. Whether it is a fight between players, an injury, a precise decision to be taken, they need to be ready for everything. But very few people know about NFL Referee salaries. And today we are going to discuss the same and get an insight into how much NFL Referee Salaries are.

How Much Is NFL Referee Salary?

nfl referee salary
NFL Referee Salary: How Much An NFL Referee Earns? 4

Like many other games, NFL referees do not get their salaries as per the game. But like many leagues, NFL referee salary is not something that can be found anywhere. It is because as they do not disclose officially how much it is. But as per the news, if we take on average, the NFL referee salary comes out to be around $205,000. And it is not annual nor per game, it is per season. 

The average salary of the NFL’s referee is divided into two parts. The first one is the fixed salary that they receive and the second one is the bonus. And if any NFL referee is lucky enough, it may get selected for postseason games. It is said to be lucky because these referees can earn almost double what they earn per match in the regular or in-season matches. If we consider the highest pay per match for a postseason match, it is $5,000. And if further the same referee gets a chance for Superbowl, then the same $5,000 increases to $10,000. 

Highest NFL Referee Salary

nfl referee salary
NFL Referee Salary: How Much An NFL Referee Earns? 5

Again, this is also a great mystery who loves NFL and tracks everything related to it. The NFL referee salary who got the highest salary in the year 2020 is there, but their amount is not out. And it really shows the female power too as out of the three names in the list, and two are males. So, these three names are:

  1. Brad Allen 
  2. Walt Anderson
  3. Sarah Thomas

And to add further for Sarah Thomas, she is the first woman ever to be a part of the Superbowl to officiate it. There are many more achievements in her name, but let’s keep it a mystery for the readers.  

How To Be An NFL Referee?

nfl referee salary
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One of the most important things to be an NFL Referee is experience. If anyone wishes to be an NFL Referee, he or she must have experience of at least 10 years. Not only this but five of the ten games of the referee must be of a huge football event of college. After this, if one has a good amount of experience as required, it still does guarantee the job of an NFL referee. As they are chosen by the league either through word of mouth, or they visit schools’ football events for choosing them and choose from there.

Now, we hope you have a good knowledge of NFL Referee Salary and how to be one of them. And also the highest-paid referees.