“Vladimir Putin put it in his pocket,” New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft repents losing Super Bowl ring to Russian Prez in 2005

Vladimir Putin liked Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring and kept it for himself, which was later clarified to be a gift from the New England Patriots owner.

Vladimir Putin on Robert Kraft

New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft did not like losing one of his Super Bowl rings to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin back in the day. The incident happened in 2005 after the Patriots had won their third Super Bowl title that year, and reportedly Putin got hold of the ring only to take it with him to Russia.

Although Kraft wanted to retrieve his fond Super Bowl ring back, he was urged by the White House not to want it back as it wasn’t worth starting a World War over the personal ring. The incident has come forward once again, with the recent attacks carried out by Vladimir Putin on Ukraine, which has not gone down well with most countries.

Vladimir Putin did not return the Super Bowl ring after taking it from Kraft in 2005

Robert Kraft with Vladimir Putin during their meeting
Robert Kraft with Vladimir Putin during their meeting

Appearing in the series 50 Rings, 50 Days, Kraft said in 2013: “I took out the ring and showed it to [Putin], and he put it on and he goes, ‘I can kill someone with this ring’.

“I put my hand out and he put it in his pocket, and three KGB guys got around him and walked out. It would really be in the best interest of US-Soviet relations if you meant to give the ring as a present.

“I really didn’t [want to]. I had an emotional tie to the ring, it has my name on it. I don’t want to see it on eBay. There was a pause on the other end of the line, and the voice repeated, ‘It would really be in the best interest if you meant to give the ring as a present.'”

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Putin’s spokesman at the time Dmitry Peskov however countered Robert Kraft’s claims of him taking the ring against his wishes by saying, “I was standing 20 centimetres away from him and Mr Putin and saw and heard how Mr Kraft gave this ring as a gift.”

The Kraft Group responded, “He (Kraft) loves that the ring is at the Kremlin. And as he stated back in 2005, he continues to have great respect for Russia and the leadership of President Putin.”

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