San Francisco 49ers fan beaten to a coma in an outrageous incident post Rams victory in Championship game

San Francisco 49ers fan beaten to a coma in an outrageous incident post Rams victory in Championship game

SoFi stadiumSoFi stadium

In what comes in as shocking news, a San Francisco 49ers fan was found beaten outside the SoFi stadium during the 49ers encounter against the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams won the match 20-17 to book themselves a place in the Super Bowl.

Police have started investigations regarding the incident and the victim was identified for a certain Daniel Luna, a restaurant owner from Oakland. Luna was later hospitalised at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center after being discovered unconscious by the security services.


The 49ers fan is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital and is under medically induced coma

Inglewood Police Lt. Geoffrey Meeks said, “They believe he suffered from an assault at the stadium to his upper body and facial area. We are relying heavily on video to try to identify the people involved,” he said. “We are going to leave no stone unturned.”

However, to bring in some good news, a man has been arrested in connection with the incident after video footage showed a violent altercation between the victim and the man.

Police do not believe any weapons were involved in the beating and believe that Luna’s attacker or attackers used bodily force to assault him.

Daniel Luna
Daniel Luna, the identified fan

Officials at SoFi Stadium did, however, say they were “aware and saddened by the incident,” and they were working with law enforcement officials throughout the course of their investigation. “Our thoughts are with Mr Luna’s friends and family during this difficult time.”

A 49ers spokesperson released a statement addressing the attack, “What happened to Daniel Luna is reprehensible, and we strongly condemn all violence. We know local authorities are conducting a full investigation and we’re here to support them however we can. Our thoughts and prayers go to Mr Luna, his family, friends, and the medical team providing him care.”

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