“Tom Brady doesn’t have Chris Godwin or AB:” Skip Bayless on why it is a tougher road to the Super Bowl for the quarterback

“Tom Brady doesn’t have Chris Godwin or AB:” Skip Bayless on why it is a tougher road to the Super Bowl for the quarterback

Tom Brady is on his way to another Super Bowl title this year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, after leading them into the playoffs. The Bucs finished the regular season with a 41-17 victory against the Carolina Panthers to end the year on a 13-4-0 record.

Leading football analyst, Skip Bayless reckoned that this was the toughest road that Tom Brady has had to face ever in his career, even tougher than the last year to reach the Super Bowl title.


Tom Brady has had an exceptional season and is headed to another Super Bowl title

Speaking on his podcast, Undisputed Bayless argued his facts against his co-host Shannon Sharpe and gave a number of reasons as to why he thinks so.

“All those players, who wanted to run it back, all came back, many of them took hometown discounts. Shaquil Barrett is at right, he tried to practice this week but I don’t know if he’ll be remotely close to 75 per cent healthy,” said Skip Bayless.

continuing his monologue o why Brady has had a tougher road this season, he said, “JPP, they’ll be lucky if he is 75 per cent of what he was this time a year ago when those two took over past rushing through the playoffs. Lavonte David is very iffy to return at all and I’m going to doubt that they will have him against Philadelphia Eagles, this time around.”


Jamel Dean is now nicked, if not iffy and doubtful to play this time in the first playoff game against Philadelphia. Richard Sherman is down and out completely. He gave it a great shot, they could’ve really used him and he’s gone.

“And just when Tom Brady had discovered deep threat, a new AB, the guy in the walk-off throw against the Jets. Cyril Grayson, he’s pulled his hamstring so badly, it looks like he’s going to be gone for a long, if not for the whole playoffs.”

Skip Bayless also raised the point, that several of Tampa Bay Buccaneers players have been out injured which has added more pressure on Tom Brady to lead his side almost single-handedly to the playoffs this season.


“He had AB, previously, and he became his primary target for the last 8 games last year. So he is gone. So now, look at this year’s regular-season stats, shall we, who led the Buccaneers in targets this year- Chris Godwin did.”

“Who led this team in catches this year? 24 more than Mike Evans, Godwin did. Who led it yards receiving for the Buccaneers? It was Godwin again with 1103, 68 more yards than Mike Evans.”

“Tom Brady has lost his primary threat everywhere, the guy you (Shannon Sharpe) keep telling me is going to be a big hole in the arsenal because he is a primary possession type receiver for Tom Brady. He is no longer there. You don’t think it is a tougher road with no Chris Godwin and no AB? “ finished off Bayless in his long argument for Brady.


The Bucs will take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the first playoff encounter on the 16th of January.

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