“You’ve been imprisoned by Aaron Rodgers”- Skip Bayless shreds the Packers quarterback amid the uncertainty about his future

Skip Bayless gives his views on the future of Aaron Rodgers with respect to the Green Bay Packers

Skip Bayless and Aaron Rodgers
Skip Bayless and Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers‘ future has been uncertain since the off-season prior to this recently concluded season as his continuous rift with the Packers front office seems to go on and on and their early exit from the playoffs following a meltdown at home against the San Francisco 49ers hasn’t helped this situation at all.

Rodgers himself has said that all the options are currently possible, the options being:

  1. Staying at the Packers and retiring here.
  2. Getting traded to somewhere else in search for another Super Bowl and cementing his legacy.
  3. Retiring from the Game and walking away at his peak.

Famous FOX Sports Analyst Skip Bayless talked about Aaron Rodgers’ future with respect to the Green Bay Packers and said, “Packer Nation, you’ve been imprisoned by Aaron Rodgers.”, as he thinks the franchise is being held hostage by their superstar quarterback who is always in the news for both good and bad reasons.

“He is going nowhere…”- Skip Bayles on Aaron Rodgers

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Skip Bayless on Undisputed further talked about the future of Aaron Rodgers at the Packers and said, “He is going nowhere, he will be your Packer quarterback for the next 3 years.”, as he thinks that Rodgers will continue to cause trouble to the Packers organization with his tantrums.

He added, “He will never leave town until he leaves football, It’s about taking everybody’s mind off from what happened in the 4th quarter in another home playoff game, in which you were the No. 1 seed in the NFC, in which you went 13-3 in the regular season and you were the MVP.”

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Robbie Gould – 49ers kicker.

Skip Bayless said, “You lost at home in your weather, the cold weather, you lost 13-10 because your back to back MVP quarterback had the ball twice at the end of the game in which first time he got sacked which put you on the backfoot and had the punt blocked leading to a touchdown to tie the game and later you already know what happened.”

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Rodgers and McFlaur

Despite all the issues off the field, there is no denying the fact that when Aaron Rodgers steps on the field he show his greatness more often than not and this is the reason why the Packers organization wants him to stay despite all the trouble he brings around him as he is their only chance for a Super Bowl triumph.

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