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“We Accept Bitcoins”: Tennessee Titans become the first NFL team to accept Bitcoin for key investments

The Titans are ready to accept Bitcoins for major investments

Bitcoin and Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans had a decent 2021 season. They registered some really impressive wins against some of the stronger sides during the offseason and were able to make their way to the playoffs. In the divisional round playoff clash, the Titans were defeated by the Bengals.

While many teams only look to make a few changes to the squad during the offseason to rectify the mistakes committed in the previous season, the Titans have decided to take a step in a direction where no other NFL team has been keen enough to put their foot in.

“Titans are a top NFL franchise and a natural fit for this partnership”: David Bailey, CEO of BTC Inc

Tennessee Titans

Cryptocurrencies are becoming bigger and more popular with each passing day. While many might not agree with the way they are valued, it is a fact that their existence has shaken the global economy and in a bid to invest in the future, The Tennessee Titans have announced they are ready to accept Bitcoins for major investments.

With this, the Titans have become the first-ever NFL team to accept bitcoin for investments through a third-party conversion service. This will allow fans to offer bitcoin in payment in exchange for season tickets, suites, PSLs, and even sponsorship opportunities with the Titans, as per Bitcoinmagazine.com.

We’re proud to partner with the Tennessee Titans as they start their Bitcoin journey and offer fans a new way to pay,” said David Bailey who is the CEO of BTC Inc and partner at UTXO Management. “2022 is a special year as we continue to work with professional sports teams to help educate and further mass adoption of Bitcoin. The Titans are a top NFL franchise and a natural fit for this partnership,” he added.

For now, the Tennessee-based franchise will only accept bitcoin for major purchases and recurring payments, however, the franchise is planning to come up with ways through which it could allow the purchase of single tickets and even beverage sales through Bitcoins.

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