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WATCH: Tom Brady Goes Against Bruce Arians To Help Rob Gronkowski Get massive $500k Incentives

Tom Brady helped his teammate Rob Gronkowski get a massive $1 million contract bonus by defying his coach's orders/

Tom Brady capped off the regular season with a match-winning performance for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, leading them to a 41-17 victory over the Carolina Panthers.


In what could have been deemed to be an inconsequential fixture by many, it wasn’t the case for the legendary quarterback, who was not only concerned about his team but also about his long term teammate Rob Gronkowski, as he stood on the verge of a massive incentive from the franchise this weekend.

Tom Brady helped Gronkowski receive the prize money bonus before coming off the pitch

Gronkowski went into the final match of the season with the possibility of earning an added $1 million from the franchise in contract incentives. The tight end simply needed seven catches and 85 receiving yards to get to those two separate bonuses and pocked the handsome sum.


And it seemed, Tom Brady was determined to get his teammates the contract bonuses as he refused to come out of the match, without getting him the money. In the fourth quarter of the match, with the victory almost ensured for his side, Brady was spotted defying his coach Bruce Arians’ instructions to come off the pitch.

Brady and Gronkowski

Camera footage revealed Tom Brady removing his helmet and letting his coaches know that he wasn’t going to come off the pitch that easily.

The quarterback wanted to stay on the pitch until Rob Gronkowski’s incentives had been met and did just that with a simple 7-yard pass just after play had restarted. However, immediately after the pass, Brady came off the pitch to get some much-needed rest ahead of the Buccs’ playoffs run. The Buccs finished second in the NFC seedings.

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