“Tom Brady is intense and demand structure, Tampa is not”- Colin Cowherd’s bold claim on the Buccaneers’ dysfunction

After a tough loss featuring a massive comeback for Tom Brady and the Bucs, Colin Cowherd gives his opinion on what's going wrong in Tampa.

Tom Brady and Colin Cowherd
Tom Brady and Colin Cowherd

Tom Brady and his #2 seed Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell short in their quest to repeat as Super Bowl champions with a home loss to the LA Rams. A truly wild game fitting the bill with the divisional round the NFL had like every single game provided unbelievable dram and late-game heroics.

The Bucs and Rams truly played a game of two halves with the Rams absolutely dominating the first three and a half quarters putting up 27 points to Tampa’s miser 3. However, Brady rallied his troops and delivered one of the best comebacks since his Super Bowl 51 performance to tie the game at 27 with 42 seconds left. However, leaving 42 seconds on the clock proved to be too much as Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp shredded the Bucs defense with one final drive to set up the game-winning field goal by Matt Gay.

Despite a historic comeback falling short, the Bucs have faced massive criticism for even being in the situation that required having to score so many points in such little time. They may have been able to do so but had Tom Brady managed to get any offense at all in the first half they more than likely would have been able to find a way to win the game. Colin Cowherd gave his insight into the difference between Brady on the Patriots vs. the Buccaneers and how that played a factor in the loss.

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Colin Cowherd weighs in on Tom Brady and the Bucs lack of structure

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

On his show, ‘The Herd’, Colin Cowherd said, “My number one concern with Tampa is that Tom is intense and demanding and demands structure. That is who he is, it is his nature. Tampa is not. Tampa’s loose, it’s fun the football standards aren’t very high. Cocktails at four, everybody piles in. AB is loose. Bruce Arians can be loose. Tampa yesterday was not ready to play.”

About the differences between New England and Tampa, Cowherd added, “Tom, he and Belichick live for structure. It’s Tom’s DNA. He loves structure. Tampa’s loose and they weren’t ready to play. It’s one thing to win a Super Bowl or be successful in life, it’s another to sustain it. That is harder because you’re a target. Everybody in Tampa got paid and everybody in Tampa got told how great they are. In New England, you win a Super Bowl and they hold a parade and chant no days off. During the victory parade in Tampa, even Tom got drunk. It’s a different culture, it doesn’t fit Tom, he overcame it last year but they gotta tighten up the screws.

To round out his argument Cowherd added “The dropped passes, not a lot of symmetry offensively, they simply weren’t ready to play. And that’s what drives Tom nuts. Tom kept telling all of us over and over, we’re not buttoned up here, we’re not focused here. A Cam Akers fumble is the only reason it wasn’t over by halftime.”

Despite the late-game heroics, it was a game that the Rams really should’ve finished midway through the 3rd. Some crucial mistakes including a fumble late in the game allowing the Brady to have a shot at tying the game simply can’t be happening. But besides that, is the more important fact of the Bucs simply needing to tighten up and come into the 2022 season with a new look and mindset. A one trying to become champions rather than trying to show that they are champions. Only time will tell if the culture and structure can change in Tampa to be more fitting to the ‘Tom Brady way’.

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