“Unacceptable”: Tyreek Hill fined heavily for ‘Unsportsmanlike Conduct’

Tyreek Hill went a bit overboard while celebrating a touchdown against the Steelers and received a hefty fine from the NFL for it.

Tyreek Hill celebrating

The NFL has come down heavily on Kansas City Chiefs’ WR, Tyreek Hill for unsportsmanlike conduct, during their wild-card playoff tie against the Pittsburg Steelers. Hill was slapped with a fine of $12,875 for celebrating too wildly after scoring a touchdown, which led the Chiefs to victory.

The incident occurred at the fag end of the third quarter, right after Hill scored a Touchdown from a 31-yard pass from quarterback Patrick Mahomes. After scoring the TD, he found himself very next door to the cheerleaders on the pitch.

Tyreek Hill received a hefty fine for celebrating with the pom poms during their win over the Steelers

Hill took to dancing
Tyreek Hill brought out his dance moves with the pom poms from the cheerleaders

In the motion of celebration, Hill probably went a bit too far and grabbed some pompoms from the cheerleaders and did a little dance of his own for the fans in the stands. Patrick Mahomes seemed to have realized the danger that would have fallen on Hill, and judiciously took him away from the cameras back onto the pitch.

Although Hill wasn’t penalized after the incident, the NFL did not just let him go for free and slapped a fine of $12,875 on grounds of “unsportsmanlike behaviour”.

Tyreek Hill had a great game against the Steelers and did not seem to be bogged down despite the fine and joked about it on his official Twitter account. He recorded 57 yards on five catches, which included a touchdown.

The 27-year old poked fun at the incident, by saying, “I didn’t see a no letter in my locker doesn’t count.”

Hill has been in great form this season and will hope to continue it into the AFC title game against the Cincinnati Bengals in the high profile game next weekend.

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