Watch: Georgia Bulldogs fan gets cheered after getting arrested for rushing the field

Georgia Bulldogs won the National Championship after 40 years following their win against Alabama leading to which a fan got arrested for entering the field after the game had ended

Fan arrested.
Fan arrested

Georgia Bulldogs defeated Alabama in the National Championship by a score of 33-16 and were crowned as the National Champions after 40 long years which sent all the Georgia fans who present there in celebration mode.

When all the players and coaches of Georgia were celebrating on the field, One fan ran onto the field straight into the confetti while dodging all the securities before getting arrested for his actions. While he was taken away by the Security personnel, the rest of the fans present in the stadium cheered for him in a very loud manner treating him like a hero which was a sight to adore.

“Worth it” Fan reacts to his arrest after Georgia Bulldogs win

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As Georgia won the National Championship after 40 long years, It was really expected that an incident like this will occur at some point after the game ended as the fans had waited for this moment for a very long time.

“41 years. 100 percent worth it,” said the Fan who was arrested following his incident on the field after the game had ended. It was a reasonable response from the Fan as these types of moments don’t come along very often and he enjoyed the moment and made himself a part of this historic event for the Georgia community as a whole.

Georgia Bulldogs were led by their QB Stetson Bennet as he performed really well in the final outperforming the Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young of Alabama. Georgia Bulldogs had one of the best seasons in their history and were deservingly crowned as the champions following their win against Alabama.

Their whole team as a collective was better than Alabama on that day who were missing their two best receivers which played a huge part in the outcome of the game as Bryce Young’s game was narrowed down to fewer options than usual.

It was an astonishing achievement by Georgia Bulldogs as we all know it is not an easy task to beat Nick Saban‘s team in a championship game no matter who you are as he is the best College Football Coach of all time.

Georgia Bulldogs welcomed by their fans on their return after winning Championship

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Watch: Georgia Bulldogs fan gets cheered after getting arrested for rushing the field 2

Georgia players and coaches were cheered on by their fans on their arrival to the University following the win against Alabama in the championship game. The fans were present in large numbers to cheer on their players and coaches who contributed to making history for the University as they won the National Title after 40 long years.

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