Justin Jefferson’s girlfriend: All you need to about Tianna Harris

Justin Jefferson’s girlfriend: All you need to about <strong>Tianna Harris</strong>

Justin Jefferson and Tianna Harris (Image via Instagram)

Justin Jefferson is an American footballer wide receiver, who plays for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League. It’s not usual for a rookie to come up with a bang, but players like Jefferson just have it in them. His initial high school and college days were in Louisiana, where this NFL WR was born. He is 23 years old, born on July 16th, 1999.


His high school game performances got him the 308th position in the national rankings for the best wide receiver. He later joined Louisiana State university for a further degree and to play football. It was crucial at the beginning, with no single catch in freshman year; however, his dedication in the following year made him the leading receiver with 54 catches. The highway to success began in Justin Jefferson junior year in 2019 when he rolled in many titles in his name.

Justin Jefferson led the country with 111 receptions and was ranked second in the country with a worthy line of the record. With many more historic performances, he brought the CFP national champion (2019) and Second-team All-SEC (2019).

The last year of university was forgone by Justin Jefferson, for he got drafted into the team to prove his worth. He signed a four-year contract with the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL. He made his debut in opposition to the Green Bay Packers.


With his season of games in the year 2020, he became the record breaker for a rookie in most receiving yards (1400), and the consecutive year was named a team member of the AP All-Pro team (twice) and also two times Pro bowl.

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Who is Justin Jefferson’s girlfriend, Tianna Harris?

Who is Justin Jefferson’s girlfriend, Tianna Harris? (Image via her Instagram)
Tianna Harris (Image via her Instagram)

Justin Jefferson is all set to be a star. With his life all balanced with university and professional games, he entered another rumored subject of love with a beautiful soccer player “Tianna Harris”. The 22-year-old is all in light of relationship speculations involving Justin.

Harris hails from Ontario and was born on February 7th, 2000. After high school, she took off to the US and enrolled at Mississippi state university. She is a soccer player with many awards in her name. She has led her university many times as a defender. Her last season with the university gave her the recognition of MAC defensive player of the year. Next, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in hand with her major being marketing.


The duo has never made it official of their love life to the fans; however, rumors keep circulating of the two have been dating. It was from the camp in Texas when the two were seen meeting each other that sparked it all. Harris, being very supportive of the team and Justin Jefferson, keeps her Instagram updated with all the cheering for the star player.

The present scenario, in contrast to the past, has no declaration of their love life. Hence, it’s always better to wait than to conclude the unknown.

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