“Your owners acted in bad faith,” Randy Gregory lambasts Dallas Cowboys owners following controversial exit

Check out what Randy Gregory had to say after his controversial ouster from the Dallas Cowboys ahead of the new NFL season.

Randy Gregory and Jerry Jones

Randy Gregory made a complete U-turn on his agreement with the Dallas Cowboys to reject their contract, and ended up signing a similar one with the Denver Broncos. Cowboys had already made an announcement on their social media account, regarding his contract extension, however it mattered little as he exited from the franchise.

Randy Gregory signed a 5-year contract with the Denver Broncos, which will pay him about $70m, a number similar to that of the Cowboys. Following this controversial exit, Gregory has hit out at the owners and blamed them for the same.

Randy Gregory signed a similar contract at the Denver Broncos after rejecting the same at the Cowboys

Randy Gregory in action for the Dallas Cowboys
Randy Gregory in action for the Dallas Cowboys

The 29-year old outside linebacker was having none of the criticisms aimed towards him during an interactive session on Twitter, most of which came from the Cowboys fans. Gregory clarified that the version of the story which has been shared with the fans is very far away from what actually happened in reality and made him opt for the Broncos.

“Your owners acted in bad faith all free agency,” Gregory said in a now-deleted tweet. “They’ve been awfully quiet lately huh? Wonder why… Can’t wait for you guys to ask them the same questions!,” wrote Gregory while responding to a fan on his official Twitter account.

Gregory reportedly did not like the language used in the contract, which effectively meant that the franchise could pull out of the deal if he got himself suspended or fined. This type of contracts are almost a feature of the Cowboys, however other franchises don’t follow such measures.

Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones is going through a rough patch at the moment, and these allegations simply add to his troubles, both personal and professional.

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