Canadiens apologizes to 1989 massacre victims on behalf of Carey Price’s “unfortunate timing” of CCFR support stance

<strong>Canadiens apologizes to 1989 massacre victims on behalf of Carey Price’s “unfortunate timing” of CCFR support stance</strong>

Carey Price [Image Credit: The Athletic]

The timing is just not going right for Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price to say anything. He just can’t seem to take a break since last week. His support for the CCFR made matters worse as the 1989 massacre day anniversary just passed yesterday. The victims are currently fuming over his stance, as his words were misunderstood.

Canadiens released a statement recently, apologizing for Carey Price’s stance on social media. Last weekend, Price noted that he was against Bill C-21 in Canada proposed by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party. The aim of the bill is to ban all firearms like hunting rifles and shotguns throughout the country to avoid firing incidents further.


Price stated on his Instagram post, donning a camouflage uniform, “I love my family, I love my country and I care for my neighbour. I am not a criminal or a threat to society. What @justinpjtrudeau is trying to do is unjust. I support the @ccfr_ccd@justinpjtrudeauaf to keep my hunting tools. Thank you for listening to my opinion.”

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Carey Price apologizes and clears air about his statement on social media

Carey Price [Image Credit: RMNB]
Carey Price [Image Credit: RMNB]

Carey Price’s support for the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights angered a lot of people, especially since the CCRF used the promo code “poly” recently. They used the code of a 10% discount in the shop, but it unfortunately also took a jab at Canadian history’s largest shooting massacre. 


The 1989 incident took place at Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique where the anti-feminist Marc Lepine murdered 14 women and injured 13 others. This incident went down as a gruesome history in the memories of the Canadians. Price got caught up in all these series of events solely because of the “unfortunate timing” of his post.

The netminder apologized to people for hurting them unintentionally, while he declared that it was just his opinion and he stands by it. On his Instagram story he noted, “I acknowledge that amplifying any conversation around guns this week may have upset some of those impacted most by the events here in 1989, and to them, I apologize”.

The Habs further released a brief statement on Price’s behalf on 6 December, the same day the mass murder happened. Price further stated, “I think the people of Montreal know my heart and my character…” 


“…and know I would never intentionally cause pain to those impacted by gun violence”. “I continue to stand beside my fellow hunters and sport shooters who have legally acquired our property and use in a safe manner”.

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