“Really a shame” – Center Nolan Patrick will be unavailable for upcoming 2022-23 NHL season

Nolan Patrick has joined the names of a few other NHL players who can’t be a part of this 2022-23 season either because of injuries or for undergoing surgeries, and recuperations.

Nolan Patrick
Nolan Patrick
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Vegas Golden Knights center Nolan Patrick has joined the other two team players who are going to sit on LTIR for the entire 2022-23 season. His ruling out of the game had a huge impact on the Golden Knights.

The other two players except Patrick are Shea Weber and Robin Lehner. It’s not really a good season for the team, as Max Pacioretty, an ex-Knights player, and current Carolina Hurricanes player, injured his Achilles and was ruled out for the rest of the season.

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Nolan Patrick ruled out of the season and ended up on the LTIR list

Nolan Patrick
Nolan Patrick

Though, Pacioretty’s moving out did provide some space for Nic Roy and Keegan Kolesar to join the Knights. Danny Webster of the Las Vegas Sun commented, “It’s widely expected that forward Nolan Patrick ($1.2 million cap hit) will also wind up on LTIR due to an ongoing upper-body issue that has been troublesome since early last season. The savings from his and Lehner’s contracts would create another $6.2 million in relief, more than enough to pay remaining free agents Nic Hague and Jake Leschyshyn.”

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Now with plenty of room to spare the team can re-sign both Hague and Leschyshyn. With their current cap space, they can sign in veteran goalie Branden Holtby. Unfortunately, the upcoming season may be a no-Patrick one. His fans expressed their well-wishes through the social media site. He’s been battling injuries, especially the one he sustained in March. Except for waiting for his full recovery, there’s not much the team can do.

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