WATCH: Devils Dawson Mercer and Nathan Bastian emerge as professional tortilla slappers during viral social media challenge

Tortilla slap challenge has always gained social media outbursts, but this time NHL players Dawson Mercer and Nathan Bastian participated in the challenge, making it way more exciting than the viewers anticipated.

Dawson Mercer and Nathan Bastian
Dawson Mercer and Nathan Bastian

In the recent social media challenge, New Jersey Devils center Dawson Mercer and winger Nathan Bastian proved themselves not only as NHL professionals but also as professional Tortilla slappers. 

Both of them outdid themselves, as neither wanted to bend down to the other. But as sports rule goes – there’s always a winner and a loser. Well, in this case, neither of them was the loser. Both had a tie, much to everyone’s disbelief.

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Dawson Mercer and Nathan Bastian on full slapping challenge mood

Nathan Bastian and Dawson Mercer
Nathan Bastian and Dawson Mercer

The game goes as, both parties will chant rock, paper, scissors and the winner of the round gets to slap the other person in the face with a tortilla. But that’s not all. 

Both participants will have a mouth full of water and neither can spit a drop out of their mouth. If they do so while getting slapped, that person will be out of the game.

In the recent challenge, Mercer and Bastian were having a blast while slapping each other to their heart’s content, and each broke a tortilla in the process. Though neither of them spits out water, Dawson won the challenge thanks to his newly developed lethal tortilla slap technique.

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