“Gotta stay on the path,” Devils’ Jack Hughes HOPES to cross 100-point mark in upcoming 2023-24 NHL season

New Jersey Devils' forward Jack Hughes is determined to reach the 100-point mark this season after missing out the milestone feat by one single point last season.

“Gotta stay on the path,” Devils’ Jack Hughes HOPES to cross 100-point mark in upcoming 2023-24 NHL season

Jack Hughes (Pic Credit: Imago)

As the National Hockey League (NHL) fans start crossing out the dates on their calendar for the upcoming season, the preparation from players and teams have begun. The new season which kicks off on October 10 next month is already promising to be another great one. Several players have already established the goals they want to achieve. Among these players is Jack Hughes, who now wants to cross the 100-point mark.

Points are allotted in the NHL when a player registers a goal or an assist. The total number of goals and assists are later combined together to learn how many points a player collected that season. New Jersey Devils‘ star player Hughes fell short of the 100-point mark by one point last season. He is now determined to go again and become the first player in franchise history to achieve that.


I wanted that because I’m competitive. You’re so close, and you dream of being a star and you want to be a 100-point guy… I believe I will be. I just gotta stay on the path I’m on and keep my nose to the grind,” he was quoted by theScore. The rising star further added that “I should get there,” after all his hard work and dedication on the ice field.

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Jack Hughes career so far for the New Jersey Devils

Jack Hughes for NJ Devils
Jack Hughes (Pic Credit: Yardbarker)

The NHL has seen several great talents come through the ranks in recent years. The name of Jack Hughes is on that list. He was selected as a first-round overall pick in the 2019 draft by the New Jersey Devils. After signing an entry-level contract with them, many fans thought he would be a bust. However, the now 22-year-old has silenced his critics by doing the talking on the ice.


The 2021-22 season turned out to be a stellar year for him. He was selected for the NHL All-Star Game in 2022, becoming the first player from the 2019 draft to appear at the event. That season ended poorly for him though as he suffered a MCI sprain. Last season he started the season from he left off and took the league by storm.

He scored an astonishing 43 goals and picked up 53 assists for the Devils in the 2022-23 season. Unfortunately, he fell just one short of the 100-point mark and finished the season with 99 points. This time he is determined to go one better and enter the 100-point mark in one season club.

His personal quest to complete the century will begin on October 12 as the Devils face off against the Detroit Red Wings. With the Devils making their first playoff appearance since 2017-18 last time out, the expectations are high on their shoulders as well.


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