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“The Guardian” – Wild’s former prospect Kris Foucault saves a 6-years-old girl from drowning

Kris Foucault Minnesota Wild’s former prospect saves a 6-year little girl from drowning in the Bahamas.

Kris Foucault

Kris Foucault was selected by the Minnesota Wild in the 2009 NHL Draft as the 103rd overall in the fourth round. He always said that he would join the Canadian Coast Guard if his professional ice hockey career didn’t work out for him. His shift from hockey to a coast guard was inspired by a movie he watched as a young boy named – The Guardian. He was deeply impressed by the role of a coast guard rescue swimmer who was teaching new recruits how to save lives.


Maybe what Kris said was on a whim or he really did want to rescue and save people as a coast guard, but whatever it may have been, he sure did save the life of a little 6-year-old girl and became a hero to her. On a sunny day in Nassau, Bahamas the life of a little girl was threatened by the sudden rise of strong ocean currents. Luckily Foucault was there. As an experienced swimmer, he played his role excellently. Without hesitation, he jumped into the water to rescue the nearly unconscious girl, irrespective of thinking about his own life.

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Kris Foucault becomes the hero to the little girl after saving her from drowning

Kris Foucault saves a little girl from drowning in the Bahamas

Kris Foucault as a professional ice hockey player regularly exercises and conditions his body through training to be fit. His strength and training helped him out a lot when saving the 6-year-old girl. Foucault said, “As hockey players, we do have to stay in tip-top shape,” Foucault said. “For me, I’m a little bit of an older player — I’m 31 — staying in shape and being able to swim has kept my career going. I shout out to my trainers for keeping me equipped for hockey and equipped for other situations as well.”

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He heard people screaming for help when he was having lunch with his family at around 12 pm, on the 10th Sunday. The incident took place at the north shore of Nassau, as stated on nhl.com. Foucault wasn’t sure of what he saw in the waters when his mother Jackie Krik cried out, “It’s a little girl.” Hearing his mother he sprinted to the beach and dived in the waters. He told, “As I got through the wave, I saw her lifeless body floating on the top about 50 feet in front of me”. “I actually thought I was just recovering a body.”

Foucault grabbed the girl and found her completely unconscious. As he carried the little girl of his recent surgery shoulder, another man came forward to help him out. He asked, “Is she still alive?” to which Foucault replied, “I think so.” Within seconds the coast guards rushed and took hold of the situation. The girl regained consciousness and began to cry out of fear.  Kris Foucault didn’t have any contact with the little girl as of now. She was taken to the hospital immediately.

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